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memories of turning four

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yesterday we celebrated our sweet parks turning four
it was pretty simple and full of his favorite things 

highlights for his momma: 
"my birthday makes me happy" 
and as i was walking up the stairs last night after everything, he was going to the bathroom downstairs with the door slightly opened and we had a conservation, whispering love and birthday thoughts back and forth- all in whispers:
 "it's your birthday and it's my birthday! 
happy birthday!
 you are four and i am four! i love you, momma...
i love you, my birthday boy."
 and it was something i think i will always remember. i continued up the stairs in awe. 

he requested a paw patrol cake 
so i found a cake topper set ($10.99 on amazon) + he can play with them now
and put them onto a simple white cake
the candles are beeswax (we use this pack for every birthday) and the 'p' (because he loves the letter 'p') is from a local shop in charlotte/in optimist hall called archer paper goods

his face when he saw his cake was just pure, genuine love

cake topper pieces | here
my husband, nash and i surprised parks at school for cupcakes 
he always talks about us coming to visit him... and he just loved it. 
he really took in his friends and teachers singing to him
a birthday breakfast: cinnamon rolls + fruit + balloon
toy story 4 cupcakes for his friends at school
his tenderness
his joyous spirit
his soulful brown eyes
his warmth
his treasures
after school, we went to a local smoothie shop 
because they are probably his very favorite thing of all. 
and then he got to watch a movie in a 'car fort' i made him on our couch 
we ended the day with dinner at the pizza peel with my husband's family 
and then went home for cake and a few gifts
he also got to watch a show on our laptop in mom and dad's bed
it was all pretty simple... but to a four-year-old 
i think it was everything.
seeing your smile all day 
-on your special day-
warmed my heart- so much.
a look back at last year . turning three

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