favorites stories shared this year | olive june

favorites stories shared this year

give harmony

"may we be the ones 
who remind others
of the beautiful music 
we can make 
when we bring
our voices together."

some of my favorite moments + stories shared this year |

before we enter a new year, i always reflect on the year we just experienced. right before the un-touched newness and anticipated change - it brings me a sense of lightness. it's an opportunity to appreciate and breathe and forgive and look beyond. to let go a little deeper and to hold onto the already painted canvas. to look for hope. before the new tune, i want to muddle through the losses and remember the lessons and the people who lifted me up; the ones who gave me courage to start over or brought me a familiar harmony or reminded me of what's most important in this one life. 

that's what i think i will remember most; those are the stories i will want to re-live and re-tell. 
i always want to look for ways to see the world with a different perspective and with more clarity. 
-hopefully reminding others of the beautiful music made when we are brought together-
i hope you enjoy our autumn photo session 
taken at dusk in uptown charlotte on 10.29.19
this photo of my boys is just too much for me to handle. it's them. it's a tale of their hearts
parks james | age 3 
nash charles | 16 months
 leather high top oxford shoes | piper finn
this photo is him 
it shows his tenderness and passion and love for the tiniest things in life
all photos | amy gray of silver pebble photography
i shared a sneak peek here 
(you have so much talent- adore you.) 
thank you for being here and for allowing me to share my stories with you 

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