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gentle reminders

st. anne the tart . dayton, ohio / 11.26.19

"think about where you were last 
year. think about the things that
used to worry you so much that
no longer consume your mind 
and time: the relationship that
wasn't healthy, the stress of
what this year would be like, the
things you never thought you
would accomplish but did... all
of those things are worthy of
being grateful for, and are
beautiful reminders that after
everything that happened, 
you are going to be okay."
-morgan harper nichols-

a few gentle reminders for this season |

01. people pleasing hides the real you 
02. gratitude will get you out of the lowest lows 
03. don't give advice unless asked 
04. creating time and space for yourself and your values is not selfish 
05. "it's not your job to make sure everyone is okay. you just have to show up and be present." -natasha smith
06. what do you value most: a creative flow, quality time, focus + depth, your well-being
07. say no if it compromises your rights 
08. listen
09. be gentle on yourself- you are so worthy.
10. get plenty of fresh air
11. allow emotions to reveal themselves without judgement
12. comfort your soul with loving and soothing affirmations
sometimes traveling 'home' brings a lot of emotions with it. times of my past: really hard losses, an era of low self-confidence and constant body shaming, celebrations with loved ones, lessons learned, summer boat rides, childhood wonders and vibrant heartland sunsets. being here is always a gentle reminder of the really wonderful and the really bad seasons. i do know that i can breathe deeper than ever before. i feel freer through all the growth- thankful for every person who has loved me and guided me and prayed for me. for a community, a village, both here in the lakes and cornfields of the midwest and on the beaches and in the mountains of carolina. both beautiful in different ways; a childhood one and a motherhood one. how could i ever express my gratitude for these gifts? the Lord has blessed me with so many travels and people and experiences. he has taught me the meaning of life; how the soul that stirs within each of us draws us closer to God. year after year, it feels refreshing to check-in and get more air and energy into my body. this year, i am feeling calmer and more connected and able to embrace the winding roads with hopefully an abundance of kindness- always. i am striving to see good and do better; to be more vulnerable and to rest in the present rather than achieve perfection. it just feels really good to be and feel at 'home' during this particular season. and i wish this for you, too. for you- today and for every day to come.
thank you for being a part of this community
and happy thanksgiving to you and your family

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