creating a restoring nighttime rhythm | with magiclinen | olive june

creating a restoring nighttime rhythm | with magiclinen

in partnership with magiclinen
"rest nurtures creativity, which nurtures activity. activity nurtures rest, which sustains creativity. each draws from and contributes to the other." - kim john payne
our bedrooms are the place we return to at the end of everyday; a place of renewal. i try to live my life so that i am not just surviving- but thriving. and it's hard to thrive when you aren't well-rested. it has taken me most of my adult life to just begin to create a healthy routine- and i think i am finally making this part of my day a priority. there is no shortage of self-care advice and lifestyle talk these days, but i thought i would share some ways that i take a few minutes to care for myself after a long day. yours might include drinking a tall glass of water or using a fancy serum or using a lavender spray or praying or reading. find what works best for you. 

in case you are focusing on caring for yourself a little more tenderly in the evenings, here are some things i love most:
ways to create a relaxing space + nighttime rhythm | 

01. unplug to recharge - i made a pact a few years ago to not use my phone in bed and really recommend
02. light a candle and enjoy the warmness + glow 
03. stretch it out- give your joints and muscles some love
04, a diffuser blend with oils like cedarwood, lavender and chamomile
05. meditate - 'insight timer' is my favorite app 
06. layer your bed with quality, soft linens
07. wash your face 
08. list your 'three big things' you want to accomplish most the next day 
09. dim the lights
10. go to bed before you are too exhausted (still really, really working on this...)
11. practice gratitude - as a reflective person, i tell myself to not replay the negative events of the day, but instead, to spend five minutes listing all of the things i am thankful for. 
12. forgive and forget - use a journal and pour any things/people that challenged you and forgive. it's also important to give yourself grace and to forgive yourself for any mistakes or mishaps. 
this rocker is from ikea
if you're looking for beautiful, quality made linens to cozy up with this season, consider magiclinen. magic linen is a small company based in lithuania, europe. most of the items are made with stonewashed linen, which is the modern way of softening the fabric without using any harmful chemicals. linen is a breathable fabric that regulates your body temperature based on the weather. all of their products are crafted so well and are timeless; made to be passed down from generation to generation. there are so many gorgeous colors to choose from and i can't recommend them enough. if you have any questions about our bedroom or the bedding, please feel free to ask away!
more scenes from our bedroom |
mixing old + new is something i do in almost every room of our home
our bedding is in the color natural - which i absolutely love.
cinnamon is also a favorite (and olive)
these dried flowers were from the honest motherhood i attended on the first fall-like day here in charlotte. they remind me daily of the loving group of mommas that support, help and nurture my children and myself throughout each week. 
needlepoint chair | $9.99 at goodwill + the vanity was given to us from my in-laws (i adore it)
layering rugs adds depth and texture to a room
this is where i keep my jewelry, glasses and skincare items 
our chandelier is from one of favorite antique shops in tipp city, ohio
it's my favorite light in our home
magiclinen also has beautiful table, kitchen, kids, and bath linens, curtains, fabrics
so soft and so well made
how do you unwind at the end of each day?
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  1. What a beautiful bedroom, and such practical tips!! I need to stop looking at my phone in bed!

    1. thank you so much!! i get it- i often feel tempted. it's so hard. let me know if you do it and what you think :) hope you're doing well!!