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an autumn rhythm + craft + playlist

with the crisp air coming through the windows and the leaves starting to change, we are creating a new autumn rhythm in our home. i have always been something of a season watcher. it's worth the moment to marvel at the way the light changes in a room after dinner and how acorns spread across the local park. i tend to want to wait until the season happens and then embrace it wholeheartedly. 

for me, autumn brings a renewed energy. the cozy, hygge months, always seem to be my favorite and i am looking forward to creating slower and more meaningful rhythms; focusing on gratitude and simplicity. i plan to pull out books and seasonal songs and poems to read and sing. i also plan to incorporate nature inspired crafts + activities now that parks is older ... and hope to share more with you all soon. it's a fun way to incorporate beautiful language, creativity and music into our day at home. 

this afternoon we painted gathered leaves white with black eyes and a mouth 
 'boo leaves' | inspired by kelsi.gaudette on instagram
parks loved painting so much that he also painted two small pumpkins 
creating a daily autumn rhythm |
i recently purchased these daily rhythm cards on etsy 
beautifully made by stephanie hathaway designs
my hope is to help nash + parks visualize their daily routines and to plan purposeful days as a family; giving them a sense of control and security. 
trader joe's has the most delicious seasonal food
last week we made pumpkin bread one morning and have also been enjoying their harvest soup, homemade pizza party friday nights, pumpkin rolls, cookies, and cinnamon brooms
lastly, here is a new playlist for your autumn mornings
i hope you enjoy these activity ideas for young children + songs for your home

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