august intentions | olive june

august intentions

...counting down the days until i can wear cozy knits...
while also embracing these final weeks of summer
the days of letting our toes breathe, floral sundresses, dewey skin and watermelon slices

i have been waking up to the smell of eucalyptus and the kindest words
my dear friend, ariana, dropped these blooms off on our porch last sunday
made my day in so many ways

a look back at july |

01. drink more water
02. get enough sleep (i still need to work on this! i am a night owl- through and through.) 
03. read two books + library visit
04. post two collections to my thrift shop
05. start to take inventory of the things we own for a big house purge in august (set up a plan) 
06. take in every moment of our travels
07. playdates for the boys during the week 
08. go to the gym at least three times a week (i have been walking with the boys at parks and some yoga but want to do more... 6am yoga is happening tomorrow morning)
09. write thank you notes (only half are done!) 
10. catch up with friends 
11. prayer, stretching and daily meditation 
12. research more about oils and the benefits (esp. non-toxic home products) 
a brand new retail space in charlotte called optimist hall 
we went for the first time today with my cousin and her girls - and it's beautiful. 
august intentions //

01. focusing on unplugging and looking at my children's faces + strangers faces ... what they are feeling, what they need.
02. purging + rearranging our home (i love a fresh new space) 
03. read at least two books (leaving the witness, the goldfinch, and eleanor oliphant is completly fine are all on hold at the library) 
04. farmer's market once a week 
05. yoga as many times as possible 
06. journal 
07. a date night with my husband 
08. a habit shift | move to non-toxic beauty products/hair and bee's wraps instead of foil + plastic 
09. daily prayer + meditation + stretching
our master bedroom this afternoon while putting laundry away + two little boys playing with one another; two boys who love one another so deeply.
...what are your goals for this month...

ps: i adore everything 88.pri creates 

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