june intentions | olive june

june intentions

your soul knows what moves it most; what makes it flow and thrive and just be

what are things you have done for yours lately? 
setting intentions for each month this year has allowed me to set goals and to become more of the individual God has created me to be. there is no doubt that this season of life is hard but i am trying my best to not only manage it all - but to enjoy it all at the same time.

 a look back at may //

may intentions |

01. work on parks + nash baby books (i even brought these up to ohio and never opened them...) 
02. capture 'in the moment' photos 
03. drink more water 
04. keep organized in my agenda 
05. weekly yoga 
06. trips to the market 
07. continue daily prayer and meditation rituals in the morning + evening
08. a mini home purge 
09. plant flowers outside 
10. meet up with 'the village' / my mom tribe as much as possible
11. start to plan nash's first birthday celebration 
12. go to church every week we are in town  
13. date nights with tim (soon!) 
14. less time on social media - more living. 
15. meal planning on mondays (again- soon!) 
an intimate birthday gathering on june 11 for a dear friend
a mirror photo on the morning of nash's first birthday:
june intentions //

01. meal planning
02. prayer + meditation 
03. read at least two books
04. add two collections to 'olive june vintage' 
05. picnics outside 
06. yoga and cardio 
07. baby books
08. market mornings
09. date night with my husband 
a master bedroom scene
-his first birthday-
it was so special.
so very special

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