nash charles . month eleven | things i always want to remember | olive june

nash charles . month eleven | things i always want to remember

"gather courage like-
-jak major

things i always want to remember ||

01. food is still your favorite- you can't get enough and would eat all day long if we allowed you 
02. a road trip to philadelphia + cincinnati (you love your cousins)
03. mother's day with both my babies (the day you turned eleven months old)
04. your adorable little toes 
05. i think you are going to be a little climber 
06. you love to take walks and swing at the park 
07. when you nurse, you always stick your index finger into my mouth and smile 
08. the way you look at parks (especially in the car) 
09. you say 'ack' and 'dada' all the time - and you love to laugh.
10. our mornings together while parks is at school
11. you love to splash in the tub and music is still a favorite
12. how you nuzzle into my chest in our glider right before i put you down to sleep 
in case you missed - tiny bleubird 
swinging with momma at a fun birthday party on 5.15.19
this is your signature face 
bonnet | roolee . leather high tops | piper finn
may you never lose your sense of wonder
his last update before o.n.e
oh, how i want to freeze time forever
with this sweet and snuggly
baby boy.


  1. You take the most beautiful photos and your boys are so precious! It's crazy how time flies.