a weekend by the sea | olive june

a weekend by the sea

You are the moon, 
dear love, 
and I the sea.
The tide of hope swells
hight within my breast,
and hides the rough
dark rocks of life's unrest
when your fond eyes
smile near in perigee.
But when that loving face
is turned from me,
low falls the tide,
and the grim rocks appear,
and earth's dim coast-line
seems a thing to fear.
"You are the moon, 
dear love, 
and I the sea.

// ella wheeler wilcox

the atlantic ocean is only a few hours from our home. when we get the chance to go, it's always pretty magical. parks enjoyed the beach's playground and splashing in the pools and nash met the ocean and had his first carousel ride ... he was overjoyed by both. we enjoyed seafood and live music and cocktails and time together. 
"this is the sea. it's your first time here baby boy. here is sand. this is a shell. do you hear that? that's a wave. it's the breaking of water onto the shore. do you feel the cool water trickling through your toes; the imprint of your feet into the sand. can you taste the salt on your lips? isn't it all so remarkable- breathtaking." i tell him as he rests on my chest. we sit quietly together; feeling grateful he has joined our family and grateful we are able to take in this memory with one another. these are the days.
the view from our balcony 
a moment in time 
a moment i know i will always remember
for as long as time
i hope your weekend had quiet moments
with your loved ones


  1. What a perfect weekend! We're a few hours from the ocean and I was really hoping to get a weekend trip to the beach in before baby girl comes in July, but I don't think that's going to happen anymore. We'll just have to go with her one day, maybe next year!

    1. you are so sweet!! nash tuned one today and we didn't make it to the beach last summer (so I totally get it!) wishing you the sight of the sea soon though. hope you're week is going well. xo