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april intentions

i took a small break from this space last month to do some spring cleaning and organizing... between march 1-22, i took over every space in our home: every drawer, closet, corner of our home- and i purged, re-arranged, thoroughly cleaned- made our nest new again. there were endless trips to donation centers and some very, very long days (doing this with two kids adds a whole new dimension!) - but i also feel like it was so worth it. 

and although i am happy with the end result, i have a yearning to become even more minimal and reduce the amount of things in our home... however, i also want to enjoy springtime with my family + i want to shift my mindset to something new; something that's more important in my heart. i have found that i can get wrapped up in the process and personally, it's not something i want to look back on in life and feel like i was constantly doing. i want to take in the simple moments, laugh with my kids, spend time alone with my husband, explore our city- i want to 'be.' i know i will be doing slight purges daily, but i am hoping to shift my mindset to other things this month...

here are my april intentions ||

01. daily prayer and meditation ('insight timer' is my favorite app) 
02. trips to the farmer's markets - they open this weekend! 
03. a family trip to philadelphia 
04. starting a 'miracle morning' challenge back up tomorrow 
05. daily walks/trips to the park with the boys and yoga a few times a week + focus on eating well 
06. work on the boys' baby books
07. picnics outside
08. read (at least) two books
09. create music playlists (we almost always have music playing in our home- piano, acoustic, jazz, classical, old country, folk are favorites) 
10. date nights weekly with my husband (home dates and at least one night out) 
11. make new recipes (i am also planning to do aldi + trader joe's every other week because although i love, love aldi / it has saved us so much money this past year... i LOVE shopping at tj's- going to see how it goes...)
surprise flowers are always the most touching
i am always rearranging our home but here is my current office area 
(in our foyer/we have minimal extra space- but i actually prefer that these days...)
he's changing so much lately and i am taking in the baby stage every moment i can . we played together after his nap yesterday while parks napped
yesterday afternoon i also made almond flour cookies - instead of doing dishes, laundry, toy pick-up... and they were so yummy + with an iced coffee + watching the shadows of the trees dance across our garage
what are your april intentions? 

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