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an email time capsule for kids

a few years ago, i shared this kids memory journal idea that i heard from a mom of grown kids; something to keep next to your bed for simple, daily stories, tidbits, etc.. it's easy and personable and something to have to reminisce- to share laughter and to cry with down the road...

 this past november, i went to birmingham, alabama to visit my cousin for the weekend. (here are some of the travel highlights- it was such a wonderful trip! + i love my cousin and her husband and baby girl, hollis, so dearly) while i was there, my cousin shared an idea with me ... and i wanted to share with you all in case you would also like to do this for your children. when her baby was born last august, she created an email for her ... a place for people to send photos, achievements, memories... and then on her 18th birthday, she plans to give her the password. i adored this idea so much and decided to start one for parks and nash - small notes of love. i love to send a photo with a poem or a song or something they did that day that was touching.

 i hope they both appreciate reading messages from their loved ones, especially at a time in life that can often be difficult to maneuver through...

isn't this the cutest idea?
so thankful my cousin shared this with me + hope you are inspired as well! 

nash charles |
you are calmness, a big fan of all food, you look up to your big brother already, enjoy snuggling and thrifting with mom + you light up when your dad enters a room. you are a willow tree standing next to the ocean.
people have voted (on instagram) that you look more like your mom (although i see your dad?! #tinytimparttwo) + you act a lot like your dad.

parks james |
you are tender-hearted, a helper, have the biggest sweet tooth- you are a lover of life and all of the simple things... and paw patrol. and cars and trucks. you are sunshine.

people have voted that you look like your dad + but you act so much like your momma. (in fact, dad voted one morning- 90% demeanor like mom!) 
how do you document the special moments?

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