bleubird | olive june



my bleubird

february . 2019

you are free

sing the song
run into the wind

the renewal autumn brings
followed by winter's sting
spring's newness will soon be here 
you yearn for the campfires of summer

endless puddles 
to be found 
playing in 'the field' 
the sun goes home
the tag along moon glows

you are loved.
are tiny, perfect things.
leaves, birds, buds

you bloom -
you are pure

 j o y

you are becoming what you were meant to be
a spirited bleubird
out in the wild. 
this photo is us. 
-and is so special to me-
love always, 
-my bleubird-
my sweet little bleubird

moon and stars
moon and stars

black and white photos | silver pebble photography

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