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2019 | reading list + a winter playlist

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one of my 'becoming' intentions this year is to read more books; to become more of a bookworm again. i plan to bring a good read along in my bag for times when i am waiting- in the carpool at parks' school, in waiting rooms, on road trips, etc. i hope to read more informational, inspiring, parenting and more classics throughout twenty-nineteen. i love this 'classic book challange' so much. 

here is a list i have created + i also plan to add and share as the year progresses //

01 the road back to you by ian morgan crone and suzanne stabile
03 the great believers by rebecca makkai
04 little women by louisa may alcott 
05 the alice network by kate quinn
07 big magic: creative living beyond fear by elizabeth gilbert 
08 the path between us by suzanne stabile
09 cozy minimalist home by myquillyn smith 
10 the sacred enneagram by christopher l. heuertz
while you are browsing these picks or tidying your home or hopefully sitting with a hot cup of tea or coffee during these cooler winter months, here is a winter playlist i created on spotify.
i  hope you enjoy the books + music
and please tag me on instagram + let me know your thoughts on any of these books if you do decide to join and read...
what's currently on your list?


  1. I'm currently reading Little Women for the first time ever! Actually, I remember having the book as a kid and I think I read a bit of it, but I know I never finished it. Every time I saw the Friends episode where Joey and Rachel read one another's favorite books (Little Women and The Shining ;o)), I always think to myself that I should read Little Women. So, I asked for a copy for my birthday and my sister got me the beautiful Rifle Paper Co. edition! I just started Part II last night!

    1. that's amazing! my MIL is going to let me borrow hers... i wish we lived closer and could grab a coffee and chat about it. and how funny about the Friends episode- i can't. crazy. your sister is beautiful. so sweet. hope you're enjoying it