a new journey | olive june market | olive june

a new journey | olive june market

the sun is starting to set for the day as i sit to announce a special new journey with you all. when parks was itty-bitty, just a few months old, i was taking a walk with him around our neighborhood when i felt a future endeavor come upon me. a dream to one day share my love for re-using items- vintage and thrift finds- with others in the form of a market.  i love nothing more than to curate our home with seasonal rhythms and with timeless, vintage finds. more than anything, i hope to inspire others with old pieces; pieces that thoughtfully tell a story and bring renewed character to a space.  

today, i opened up a shop over at trouvaille market. being able to join and collaborate with like-minded women has already been such an inspiration, a light.  i instantly felt a connection with many and am so honored to be joining them today. 

my shop | olive june 
thrifting has become a deep passion of mine and i feel so grateful that i am able to do this while being with my boys daily. my boys who also love to join me ...

because i live for the right now
i live for dreaming of what 'right now' will be 
as delicate as now 
two souls to love
two souls that i call my own 
two souls to wake to each morning,
and kiss each and every night

we always have so much to learn together.

i have also been inspired by erica bushong of rein | state 
she is from a town right next to my hometown . a photographer and mother of three in ohio
and i adore her. 
thank you so much for always inspiring me- so much. 
a recent trip to alabama / a weekend spent thrifting with my sweet cousin sealed the deal
we are kindred spirits and had so much fun being together, looking for unique and beloved treasures
i knew it was time to begin 
any support + prayers are appreciated
i am thankful for each and every one throughout the years
and i hope you enjoy and find some treasures 
treasures that bring you joy
note | shipping is free / prices include the price to ship
and you can still shop my clothing boutique here