nash charles | month three . things i always want to remember | olive june

nash charles | month three . things i always want to remember

piggy bank / truck / shoes : rein state

yesterday our little nash turned three months old. it's been a dream to be the momma to this boy.

with parks, i used to update all of the things on here - and although i loved that at the time, i think i am going to take a different approach with nash. my adorable blogging friend, chelsea of 'the girl who loved to write,' used to do posts about 'all of the things she wanted to remember' while she was pregnant with her son, jack- and i loved it. i think i am going to follow in her footsteps for nash's milestones and then plan to spend time (hopefully) completing all the other info in his baby book. (more on that soon- i have found the most perfect, beautiful book / it was created by an online friend of mine from texas)

things i always want to remember | 

+ every morning, when i look over you in your bassinet, you give me the most joyous smiles
+ how your little toes curl under (just like your dad's) 
+ your sweet and calm demeanor 
+ how you hold my hand so tenderly while you nurse
+ when you snuggle up on my chest 
+ your first time wearing swim trunks (and they were floral and euro style!) 
+ the coos and little voices you have been exploring
+ our road trip to the midwest to meet loved ones - you didn't make a peep on the way up 
+ all the vintage baby clothes 
+ you love your snuggle me organic (probably my favorite baby product ever- along with the moses)
+ how you suck your tiny thumb 
+ babywearing - you love it (the solly wrap is my absolute favorite + their fall collection just launched) 
+ the car puts you to sleep every time 
+ how your brother asks to hold you all the time - he even picks you over youtube videos. 
+ the way you soak up a warm bath and how your dark hair curls up afterwards
the milestone cards are from blossom and pear
getting ready for his first trip to the mountains this afternoon
please keep our gorgeous state in your thoughts and prayers- esp. those on the coast of north carolina
similar changing basket | anthropologie
bonnets and baby toes might be my favorite things ever
nash charles, 
i could not love you more.
and am excited to see what this next month brings our way...