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tiny moments

"wishing you a day of remaining in the moment. not the past or future or story. not your thoughts or anxieties or lists. but right here, right now, straight into the center." | victoris erickson

i lay there, staring out our windows, and gaze. the branches are swaying and i don't know what i think about, if i'm thinking at all, or if i even need to. i just feel alive and calm. quiet and relaxed. soon after these moments, i hear two tiny feet running down our hallway, rounding the corner, abruptly stopping by the side of our bed. "baby nash!! baby nash! baby naaaaash - i hold 'baby nash." he loves him so. 

i stumble trying to find my robe and socks and then parks says, "foffee time!" and we go downstairs, he's ready for his berries and oatmeal / "meal." we turn on piano or billie holiday radio and talk about what we want to do and how we want to spend our day. it's been a delight watching him grow and change. he's tender and curious and wild and curious and loving and gets easily excited about all the little things; the tiny moments. 

i secretly, quietly, and deeply smile

01. hello sailor is my new favorite spot to grab lunch on the lake - the vibe/food/cocktails
02. peaceful slumbers
03. a nursery scene 
04. florals from a bonnie and bud birthday box 
05. thrifted, washed, and loved
06. free spirit on a carolina beach 
07. ready to celebrate at his first birthday party 
08. a wednesday iced coffee 
09. my beautiful boy 
10. upon waking
11. learning to smile


  1. needed this reminder today, my sweet friend!

  2. These tiny moments really are the best. I love that you can take a step back and soak it all in. It's not aways easy to do that!

    1. it totally isn't!! i feel like it took me a long time to even start making this a priority in my life. but it's true- they are the best. xo