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valentine's day | gift + date ideas

"late spring" from felicity part II called Love

Finally the world is beginning
to change, its fevers mounting,
its leaves unfolding.
and the mockingbirds find
ample reason and breath to fashion
new songs. They do. You can 
count on it. 
As for lovers, they are discovering
new ways to love. Listen, their windows are open.
You can hear them laughing.
Without spring who knows what would happen.
A lot of nothing, I suppose.
The Leaves are in all in motion now
the way a young boy rows and rows
in his wooden boat, just to get anywhere. 
Late, late, but now lovely and lovelier.
And the two of us, together- a part of it.
-mary oliver-

just in case you are still searching for a gift or date idea for this upcoming holiday, i wanted to share some of my favorites. valentine's day is all about celebrating love, romance, and the people you are with. we have decided that we are going to order takeout thai food, grab a six-pack of craft beer (i will be back next year on this part) and then a movie/game. i think we are going to rent the movie, wonder, this year. for parks, i will probably take him out for a donut and an activity that morning (the park, storytime, a walk, or an activity center). however, i am all about doing something or giving something to someone; something to make them feel special. in case you are still on the hunt for a gift, i put together these three boards.

valentine's day for her
valentine's day for him
valentine's day | toddler boy
valentine's day | toddler boy 

-a few more ideas-
ten valentine's day date ideas
these blooms
these adorable pieces from the ever co
recreate your first date
at home couple's massage
pretty printables
free printables featuring badass women

what are your traditions + favorite things to give for valentine's day?
... how does your family love to celebrate... 

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