parks james | two years old | olive june

parks james | two years old

by far the most notable thing about you, one i hope will stay forever, is how delightful you are. you are so spirited, easygoing, and happy. friends, your teachers, other moms- so many people comment on what a joy you are. i wish i could take credit for this but your personality, my love, has been all you from the start. you were born with kind eyes- i saw them the very first time i looked at you.

you are so incredibly sweet and calm. yet, the small things get you so excited! i love seeing you discover new things. as much as i miss your infancy, i am devouring the deliciousness of your affection. you are a cuddle bear through and through. you are generous with your kisses (especially for baby brother) and you love to wrap your arms around my neck. your hold is long and you love a good squeeze. either cheek to cheek or forehead to forehead, i relish in the little ways you still need your momma. 
loves | donuts, blueberries, dogs, music, books, being outside, trucks, cars, buses, boots, toiletries (you have been watching us from day one and know all about each cosmetic product in our bathroom- and how to 'apply' each one) coloring, elmo videos, naming all of your loved ones, bananas, moe moe, your dino, peanut butter, baths, milk, babies, pretending to go potty (he has shown a lot of interest lately but i don't feel like it's time yet)  
ways you are like your mom | your teachers say you get easily excited about things!! . you love a good smoothie . you don't like it when your hands are sticky . you love to clean up . you are all about a fun road trip . you adore books and school . you are picky about meat . you are all about a bright lipstick (i am so glad you did this when you were with your dad!) . you love snow . blowing out the candle on your birthday was your favorite part . you can browse a shop for a long amount of time . your chuck sneakers are very well worn . you love when dad comes home! 

ways you are like your dad | you are already a little gentleman . you love to eat (very) quickly . you are a good, long sleeper . you love to do 'yard work' . you are very affectionate . you always try to 'shave' your face- just like dad . you are his clone and your brown eyes make momma melt . you are always up for a piece of pizza . you are a sweetheart  
with all the changes of the past two years, it's a certainty that change will be constant. as for my love for you, it will evolve- but a constant nonetheless. as you face the trials and joys in this life- my heart will expand to new places, too. 

one day, we will wake up and you will be a man. i hope you discover the type of love your dad and i share. i hope your heart remains courageous and strong. i hope you love the life you create. 

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  1. I love watching them mimic everyday events. Phoenix also loves smoothies! He gets mad when we don't pour his cup fast enough. haha.