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thrifting | what i look for

last weekend i went thrifting both on friday evening- solo (it's one of my favorite ways to take a mom-time-out) and then on saturday morning with my boys after some pancakes and a veggie egg benedict at a local cafe. parks is a really good stroller baby and my husband doesn't mind walking around, in fact i think he really enjoyed it. my sweet husband spent most of his time looking for old vinyl records. i love to create a home that blends both new and old pieces into each space. here are some of the things i look for while i thrift. however, more than anything, i just try to take it all in- one booth at a time, at my own pace. although i love to spend time walking around alone, my mom is my favorite person to thrift with because she is very patient and loves to stroll for hours like i do (plus, she's extremely sentimental and nostalgic- just like i am.) when parks was first born, we spent a lot of that winter strolling local flea markets and reminiscing while i wore parks in my solly baby wrap. those are memories i will always cherish, along with watching downton abbey and finally enjoying some glasses of red wine again. 

the depot at gibson mill | concord, north carolina
this booth is gorgeous!
these $3 baby booties came home with me last weekend 
my favorite things to look for | 

01. vintage baby and toddler clothes | one of my favorite things during this stage of my life is to hunt for knitted/embroidered clothes for the littles (they are usually around $2-$10 each) and many are in excellent condition. vintage is my favorite thing to dress parks and are future one in so i am always looking (and there usually aren't a lot of them so when i find a booth that carries them, i get really excited!)
02. furniture | almost all of the furniture in our home is from either a flea market/thrift store. we have a few painted buffet tables and they are perfect for both a tv stand in our living room and as a changing table in the nursery (i love the height/don't have to bend down as much). i picked up a dreamy piece for our new nursery last night ... can't wait to share it soon!
03. books | i especially love the older ones, the ones with notes left by others and they are usually under $1 each 
04. milk glass/hobnail pieces | these are my favorite serving dishes, cups, vases (i love white but also appreciate other colors, especially a rose/blush pink) 
05. baskets | they are much cheaper than in a regular store and there are usually beautiful choices 
06. floral/gold glasses | juice or cocktail glasses are two of my favorites, especially if they come in a wire serving caddy (those get me every time.) 
07. shoes | i am a shoe girl and vintage is again- my absolute favorite. i usually gravitate towards classic pumps/heels and clogs 
08. bags | the old leather medicine bags for a weekender and clutches for a wedding are what i tend to embrace 
09. christmas decor | i decorate for the holidays with gold, cream, gray, pink and green vintage pieces so i am usually looking for pieces i love throughout the year 
we have a similar gold chandelier (back corner) that i found at a shop near my hometown in ohio with my mom and it makes me smile daily- a girl around my age and her mom were buying that piece while i was in this booth.  
another post i created last summer | tips for thrifting
i would love to hear from you if this was helpful in any way or if you have tips + things you love to search for while thriftng. 

i can't wait to see your thrift store finds


  1. That shop looks absolutely incredible!

    1. i love it so much!! so fun to browse and search. thank you so much, again for all of the love!