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simply loving

i literally melted yesterday when i got to 'meet' our second baby at the twenty-week ultrasound. he/she was very active/wiggly and unlike big brother, is measuring on the mark and is not super huge (yet!) parks was almost ten pounds and was measuring three weeks ahead at this appointment / august 2015. i am just so thankful that our sweet baby is healthy and is doing well. 

simply loving 

+  'let's be friends' light pink nail polish
+  most of asos' shoes are currently 60% off
+  i have been taking a nightly bath while listening to podcasts and it's been glorious
+ my new baby bump - it's totally starting to pop! we are officially halfway there 
+ give me all the indian food lately. we made chicken tikka masala and nan bread a lot this week
+ cookies. and i never buy cookies at the store. this baby has a sweet tooth 
+ aldi + trader joe's are my go-to grocery stores. i can get a whole cart at aldi for about $60-70! 
+ a stroll through ikea today. some people despise it / i love it. 
+ the coldplay cover, yellow, by caroline pennell 
+ exposed wood shelves in white kitchen | like here
+ plants! one of my goals for the year is to fill our home with live plants ... any tips? 
wishing you all the best weekend 
any plans?


  1. I really miss living close to IKEA. We had two in Chicago, but Nashville still doesn't have one. Can you share your Tikki Masala recipe? I've tried making Indian food several times but it's never flavorful enough.

    1. hi!! i can't believe there isn't one in nashville! hopefully soon! i love it so much. and I bought the sauce at aldi actually and it was really good/the perfect spice. over rice with sautéed red peppers, mushrooms, chicken and then baked nan bread with olive oil over it. so good!! xo

  2. Awww, congrats on meeting your second little one! <3 Great picks this week xx


    1. thank you so much!! so sweet of you! enjoy your week