a city guide | charlotte, north carolina | olive june

a city guide | charlotte, north carolina

ten years ago this past weekend, i moved to charlotte from columbus, ohio. i knew only two people from college- and not very well. one remains a very close friend, someone i can always count on. looking back, i hardly recognize that person~ a young and fairly dependent twenty-four-year-old, fresh out of college + studying abroad and beyond ready to take on middle school as a new teacher. but if i am being really honest, i was quite naive about life in general. however, i had a deep and true support from my family, who never once questioned my decision... and although i was scared out of my mind, moving here remains one of the best decisions of my life. growing up, i yearned for approval from the average bird and i grew to be good at following the rules and doing things that would make other people happy. i became good at shifting my words and personality to stay on the safe side. but what i have learned is that that is the fast track to losing yourself. i learned that sometimes we hide the real us under a thick security blanket that is itchy- but often appears perfect. i don't know about you- but i don't want 'perfect.' i want real, i want authentic, and i want connections that bring moments of presence. moving here gave me some permission to break out of those constraints. i began to recognize and love my country roots even more- while finding a new place to call my home, a charming southern city. this new road map and + countless life experiences all led me to a life that involves more calmness, acceptance, a passionate pursuit of balance, peace, and a love affair that struck the deepest chord of my soul. over the past few years, i am embracing myself more and have been celebrating the person that God created more. both my husband and i remain open to new adventures throughout life- but one thing i know for certain- charlotte, north carolina will always remain a special place. because of this move and all of the good people i have met, i appreciate the little things so much more. the mountains and the beaches always make me feel the closest to God and i am forever grateful for having the chance to live in such a beautiful state. as i continue my journey here, i pray to stay soft, to continue to find solitude, strive for balance, and hope to never stop exploring (and growing) in this one life. 
places to stay | 

places to eat |

on my radar to try soon: roots cafe, wu's cajun sea food, stoke and the suffolk punch
"exploration is really the essence of the human spirit' 

things to do | 
rent bikes and ride the greenway
so many cute boutiques 
go boating on lake norman or lake wylie
a restaurant walking tour | FEAST
take a hot yoga class at yoga one
a cooking class | chef alyssa's kitchen
breweries (lots!) + grab an ice cream cone (we love elizabeth creamery or a popsicle at popbar
coffee shops | 

taking this leap was the first thing that led me to my baby boy 
charlotte is also very close to some of my other favorite cities: asheville, greenville, savannah and charleston so if you are able to travel to one of these places as well, i highly recommend!
please let me know if you need suggestions on what to do in any of these spots. 

i hope you enjoy this guide and am here if you have any questions

thank you, charlotte, for a decade of self-growth, a sweet little family and many answered prayers


  1. Beautiful photos! Charlotte sounds like a lovely place to live xx


    1. hi! thank you so much... i really love living here. xo