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fifteen favorite toddler products

it's been awhile since i shared some of my favorite baby + toddler products so i thought i would share a few today. preparing for a new baby can be overwhelming... there are so many products and options. the cool thing? not one baby has ever been raised with the exact same products as another. so have fun with registering and try to go in open-minded; knowing you can always exchange and that there are so many wonderful products-- and that sometimes not one is better than another. i also recommend adding a few things for the later baby stage/toddler years so i thought this would hopefully be helpful for those of you who either have a toddler or for those who are currently registering. in the past i shared some of my favorite newborn and 0-4 months baby products: here and here.

some of my toddler favorites: 

+ rylee & cru clothes (especially any with bunnies on them) 
+ nail frida clippers (so smooth!) 
+ jellycats (parks still has a strong 'stuffed animal love affair' going on...) 
+ parks loves this fisher-price stride & ride lion toy (this walker is also still very loved!) 
+ babyganics bug spray + sunscreen + foaming dish soap
"let me love you a little more before you're not little anymore"

shopping at trader joe's this morning... we filled our cart with all healthy food (no fun but trying to be good!) + some fun treats for my sister's baby shower in cincinnati on june 10 (i am so excited!) 
what are your favorite toddler products?

i would love to hear your thoughts and i am sure i will be posting more favorites soon

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  1. We also have the Pantone color book! We got it for a gift and love it!

    1. it's just the cutest!! a great gift... one of my best friends growing up gave it to parks (makes it even better!) xo