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easter day with parks + tips for happiness

-target has had some great blooms lately-

we enjoyed our trip to the south carolina shore this past weekend (i plan to share more... but here are a few on instagram)  we got back and i snapped a few photos of parks in his easter attire. i am so thankful for the chance to get away for a few days and take in the ocean air. it was fun and relaxing. if you celebrate, how was your holiday? i hope it was wonderful.
he's growing up before our eyes and i am loving each and every step
i love this face 
outfit | vintage and purchased at kid to kid (a consignment store in charlotte)
bunny | jellycat
sandals | saltwater sandals and purchased at shoe zoo in charlotte
egg, bow tie, basket, and hat | target
he has been so active lately and i secretly love it (such a fun age!) 
i mean... these photos took countless takes!!

holding momma's hand 
this boy is a complete momma's boy... i am trying to get him comfortable with others but the clingy stage is now here. (like at the gym...) any advice?
he loved his dino hat!! 
i saw this posted today and thought i would share:

nine things to give up if you want to be happy
1. complaining
2. limiting beliefs
3. blaming others
4. negative self-talk
5. dwelling on the past
6. resistance to change
7. the need to impress others
8. the need to always be right
9. the need for approval from others

which one of these affects you most? 
i am trying to work on all of these things... but #9 stands out most to me.
(i am working on it...) 
i hope to post soon about my journey for brining more calmness and balance into my life this year
trust me, he's not this serious! 
when we got back yesterday, we decided to leave the bags packed
and we spent time together in our loft
i want to be 'present' and take 'in' moments more
(leaving the cleaning/chores alone and just living)
this can be hard for someone who thrives on a clean house and takes a lot of pride in the home environment that surrounds my family on a daily basis... i love cozy, clean, and comfortable (a lot.) a home that reflects the personality of the family.
so we sang, built puzzles, read books, taught parks that a car goes, 'beep! beep!' we listened to valerie june and we laughed a lot. together. i love my little family.
this is how i want to live my life
these are the times i know i will remember
(not how clean my house was... there's a time for that, too!) 
... like today! 

wishing you all a great week
and i can't wait to share more photos from our trip to the coast soon
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