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baby's first christmas

today i am sharing some of my favorite (there are so many more!) photos from parks' first christmas. it was so special and one to remember. we went up to ohio and enjoyed time with family and friends. here are some black and white photos (my favorite) to celebrate and remember the occasion. 
my mom had special things around the house for parks 
all things kids love: music, lights, sparkles (bells) 
can you find the black santa? 
waiting for 'santa' - he comes on christmas eve in our family (which i love) 
dressing up, cocktails, desserts and lots of unwrapping fun 
someone wants mom when he's tired- but i love my aunt pam! we had so much fun - lots of great girl chats over red wine. 
kisses from papa 
christmas eve 
you are so loved, baby boy
parks and i spent the week in cincinnati/my hometown with my brother and we have such great memories
my mom's eyes light up around this little boy - every single time 
he LOVED the polar express bell ... i mean really loved.
before dinner on christmas eve
he sat at the table and enjoyed it with us 
we always go around and give 'thanks' -pray- do 'cheers'
i will never forget my big brother, bassey's 
"and to parks... who has surely brought so much light to all of our lives this year!"

my mom and sister found crackers at anthropologie this year while christmas shopping and they were SO cute. 
drinking water like a 'big boy' 

the garland at my parent's house is always one of my favorite parts of the week 
all i needed for christmas this year. 
my son and my eighty-seven year old grandma to celebrate such a special day 
i hope yours was wonderful, too 
(and i was so comfortable and festive in my lula - i wore a plaid jill on christmas eve and a gold, sparkly lucy on christmas day)


  1. Parks is such a handsome fellow. He's growing up so much.

    1. So sweet of you!! He really is... he turns one this week!!! Hope you're well, Rhonda and thank you so much