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a get to know

who am i?

last week, on january 12, this space turned four. as a blogger, it can be really easy to look at others in the blogosphere and put forth a certain image of who you should be, neglecting your true self. i always try to tell myself (and sometimes it's difficult) to remember that we are all unique for a reason. and it's important. so i thought i would tell you a few things about me; a re-introduction for many of you and a 'welcome' to some. i am so glad each one of you are here. 

+ i don't wear makeup every day, but i do wear lipstick and a little bronzer. it's my way of putting on my "lady face" 
+ to me, skirts and dresses are more comfortable than jeans or pants. however, i recently discovered madewell's jeans and they have been life-changing. so comfortable. if i am hanging out at home, i tend to put on a large shirt/sweater and a comfortable skirt to get real cozy in.
+ if i had to pick a 'spirit animal' it would be combo of my two favorites - a house cat and a bird {a pretty little yellow one}. the truth is, i am both an introvert and an extrovert. it's true. i need alone time and don't share much about my personal life (unless i feel secure/confident around the person) but also love to be with people/have gatherings. i love to be at home with my family, making it a nest, but i also love to explore the world. i love to take photos but am completely 'video shy.' i was raised to always 'fly;' to go off to new places and to take on adventures and risks but am content with a bubble bath and a book.
+ mexican + peanut butter + smoothies are my ultimate jams. i believe our bodies were designed to eat whole foods- yet i also love a good splurge. 
+ i own more shoes than i can count. truly. and each one holds a special place in my soul. i have eliminated so much from our home over the past year... but many of my shoes have stayed. 
+ i am a wife to a gentle soul and the momma of a baby (always) boy. this is my favorite part of life.
+ i am the queen of filling up my coffee mug and then having to re-heat it over and over.  
+ there is almost always music playing in our home. folk, acoustic, and indie are my true loves. and old school country like conway twitty, george jones, and waylon jennings. i grew up in the country and am not one bit ashamed!
+ i love, love white walls. if i could, i would paint them all a bright white (and if i was good at painting, i would totally roll up my sleeves and would do it on my own, even if it meant doing it throughout the night just to get it done without my new little toddler next to me!) speaking of, i don't need a whole lot of sleep- even though i know it's healthy to get more than i do.  
+ i tend to get overly excited about the little things in life and therefore, overuse words like: cute, love, amazing. the people i am meant to be friends with love me for this. and i love them.
+ local breweries and farmer's markets have my heart throughout every season of the year 
+ starbuck's banana bread is my go-to treat + a hazelnut skinny latte 
+ i am both a scandinavian | clean look lover and an eclectic | vintage lover
+ in other words, i love neutrals and colors {i honestly confuse myself}
+ i am not really a dog or a phone person (even though i think dogs are cute- just not for us... right now.) 
+ i have a thing for pom poms- on anything. 
+ thrifting and spending hours searching in a flea market are pure bliss for me
+ i love fall most but prefer the colors and symbolism of spring
+ i am dreamer. so my mind never stops going and i consider this both a good and a bad thing.
what about you? 

what are some unique things that make you- you.


  1. nice,something you reminds me how simplicity

  2. Love this! Thanks for sharing a little about yourself. :)