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a grateful heart

this past weekend included a lot of family time 
it had been way, way too long and was so nice. 
we went to an apple orchard in south carolina on saturday (loved)
and a brewery + food truck close to our home yesterday 
even though my heart has been worrying a lot lately
i have so much to be grateful for
and i know that.

+ while running errands today, i looked back and saw parks fast asleep- sucking his right ring finger (his new favorite) and my heart felt completely full and at peace. 
my sister. she has been so, so amazing lately... always there for my family. 
+ cucumbers and feta with carrots
+ the color, mint
+ billie holiday radio playing on an autumn morning 
+ driving with the windows down 
+ a caring spouse... who takes our son on weekly dates/they bring me home flowers and a coffee 
+ the way that parks now claps, waves, does 'so big,' says, 'wow,' and plays like a big boy
+ eucalyptus 
+ trips to the park 
+ starting a business that i am loving (with so much support from loved ones) 
+ charlotte is so beautiful at the moment... blue skies and colorful leaves 
+ sweaters 
+ the way a baby smells after a fresh bath 
flowers + latte from my boys saturday morning 
i am having a pop-up shop this thursday evening
here is my vip group if you want to join
(plus, lots of giveaways!)
have a great evening, lovely friends
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  1. I found your blog through the Grateful Heart Linkup and I'm so glad I did. I love that you take the time to be thankful for the simple things. Also, I think it's just the cutest thing that your spouse and your son bring you home flowers and a coffee after their mornings together. What a sweet tradition!!

    1. Hi!! Welcome and thank you for your kind words! Means so much and isn't it the cutest. He looks forward to it every weekend... even when he's tired, it just means so much to him. I can't wait to check your blog out. Thank you again and happy Friday!

  2. Hooray for spouses that shower their wives with love :D Sweet pics!