welcome to 'simply love' | olive june

welcome to 'simply love'

today, i am joining the blogtember challenge with bailey jean of love bailey jean blog 
and the prompt is to introduce yourself
(ps: yes, this is my second post today! i also posted about some beach tips with a baby)
i hope to join in on this challenge as much as i can this month 
meeting new bloggers and building a community is one of my favorite parts about this journey. 
also, thank you all so much for the love about my 'new look' around here. 
i really appreciate all of your kind words. 

hello! i am nelle 
life is precious- so i blog. 
a very warm welcome to my little space here. i love the beauty in life. i am inspired by people, books, scandanavian decor, cafes, florals, photos, color, and living the most healthy life possible. i thrive in the thick of love and understanding the massive human impact each one of us most definitely has on one another.  i light up and live in my truest passion when surrounded by people or when on i am on my yoga mat. i often feel like i was born in the wrong era (the 1940's are always calling my name!) and am attracted to anything

vintage. simply love. 

i am a bird,
finding my wings,
learning to fly.
i will jump out of the nest,
expand my wings
fold my wings
and spread my wings.
i may fall many times
but i will take a risk
i will try to fly.
and when i get better, stronger
i will soar higher than the birds
i will ride on the winds
i will dance with the clouds
i will go over the rain
i will fly whether day or night
until i touch the sky.
within me, i know it's a dream,
but it doesn't seem so.
someday i will fly
very very high,
because i will try. 
a little over three years ago, i married the love of my life
a gentle and kind soul
then on january 15, 2016, my lifelong dream of becoming a mom came true as we welcomed our son, parks james into the world... and i have never been happier

i love to plan and curate small, intimate gatherings with loved ones  
i enjoy celebrating motherhood, family, and just how beautiful life is! 
twenty-four weeks along with our baby boy | at a wedding in cincinnati
exploring new cities, coffee shops, and food are also passions of mine
our home, our nest is a sacred space that i love to decorate - always striving for a cozy, organized, and personable atmosphere. her name is willow and i love to share home updates with my readers 

thank you so much for following along
i am so glad you are here 


  1. I love this post! I agree on so many things. The 1940s though, seriously. And all things vintage and Scandinavian. YES. I keep thinking that maybe if I have enough vintage things in my house, I'll actually forget it's 2016 ;)

    1. haha - love that. thank you so much!! i love so much about our time today {like blogging!} but i am so nostalgic and also love that era dearly. thank you so much for stopping in and happy september!

  2. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos! I love all the mint and teal-colored things on here :) I share your view on how our lives definitely impact others, so let's make it a good one! <3

    1. thank YOU for your sweet message. i totally agree- we live one life and i hope to make it the very best that i can! i appreciate your comment. have a great evening!

  3. I love this post so much! I'm thrilled to have found your blog and can't wait to follow along this month.

    1. thank you so much! i fell in love with your blog last night and can't wait to follow as well! yay!!

  4. You shoot some WONDERFUL photos. Won't you please come share them at this week's party:

  5. It's a pleasure to meet you Nelle! The colors in your photos are so fun and cheerful!

    1. hi!! so nice to meet you as well! thank you for your kind words and excited to follow you, too! xo

  6. hi!! so nice to meet you as well! thank you for your kind words and excited to follow you, too! xo

  7. The love of color, all things vintage, yoga, blogging ... the passion for people and embracing the beauty of everyday life! That's me too : ) Sounds like we're soul sisters!