things i wish more people believed | olive june

things i wish more people believed

- you are important and you are enough. 
- how the ocean can cure any mood; the waves can soothe and the sand grounds. 
- unless someone really does you wrong, forgive them. be the better person and clear your heart. i believe that everyone deserves a second chance. holding a grudge will only bring more harm to you. surround yourself with those who lift you up... these are the people who will always be there for you; during times that are both joyous and sad. 
- it's ok to cry- it represents a warm heart. (my government teacher in high school taught me this.) 
- that being a stay-at-home mom is not a 'vacation' and there is nothing wrong with being a working mom... whatever works for your family should be respected by others. (this goes for all of parenting) unless the child is at danger, i believe that people should judge others far less. most of us are only doing are best and having a supportive village surrounding us would make life so much better. 
- if you love something, never give up on it
- practicing yoga can be life-changing 
- live in the moment more; take up the scenery around you and tell yourself, 'this is enough.' 
- believe in yourself and believe in self expression- you are worth it. and you deserve it. 
- always follow your passions and never stop dreaming. 
- take risks and always keep prayer in your heart. 
- learning to not envy someone else's blessings is what grace looks like 

what about you?
what do you wish more people believed? 
a few morning scenes 
also i finished my diy wreath for fall and can't wait to share it with you
i love the way it turned out!

i am participating in the blogtember challenge with bailey jean this month 


  1. some good good thoughts girl!
    Saltwater really is the cure for so many things! <3

    1. thank you so much!! :) and yes! totally believe in that. charleston in general does it for me.

  2. "whatever works for your family should be respected by others." Aaaaaaaa-men!

  3. I love these tips, my favorite is forgiveness and I'm so glad I truly learned that in my 20's!♡

  4. This is so perfect I'm thinking I need to print for my mirror! I really need to start practicing yoga. I've "taken" yoga classes in the past and I just do not feel it was ever for the right reason.