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switching places | natalie freeman

today's prompt is to share someone we would love to switch lives for a day with... i would choose natalie freeman of 'natalie creates.'  she is a blogger and a general store owner living on a small farm in arkansas. she inspires me daily with her contagious smile, beautiful photos, and positivity. 

there are a few reasons why i would pick her:

+  first of all, how cute is she? well her home is just as cute. 
+ speaking of home, our styles are very similar. from her linens, to the mint/jade dishes, gold silverware, rustic touches, and fresh flowers throughout her beautiful space... we share a love for eclectic pieces. 
+ i feel like her and her husband have a love like mr. monaco and i... i love their love. 
+ her posts are genuine and uplifting (+ her instagram photos speak to my heart!)
+ i simply love people who are humble, colorful, and confident 
+ she is a business owner and i admire her shop (as in everything she sells i want- go check it out here!)
+ i grew up in the country and am currently (very) torn between living in the city or venturing out to a farmhouse where our kids can run free and explore. fixing up an old home with lots of charm is a dream of mine. her adorable freckled hen farm (complete with chickens and goats) would be the perfect place to experience for the day.  
+ our many shared loves: cute bicycles, home decor, fresh vegetables, healthy recipes, coziness, mrs. meyer's cleaning supplies (i picked up the apple cider + mum hand soaps today at target- both are amazing.), color, flowers, and more.
+ her strong faith 
+ our shared appreciation for a simple and quiet life. 

isn't she lovely? 

thank you, natalie, for constantly inspiring me to become a better person
your blog and extraordinary photography are truly wonderful and i look forward to your posts so much
instagram | here
blog | here
freckled hen farmhouse shop |  here
thank you again, bailey jean for hosting this challege!

...what about you...
if you could switch places with anyone for a day, who would you pick? 

{this post was not sponsored and all photos are natalie's}


  1. Oh my goodness! You made my day with this post. Thank you so much - it means more to me than you know! Xo.

    1. awe, you are so welcome!! i adore you. hope you're well and thank you for the love. xo