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hope you are all having a wonderful week. this week is flying by... my mom is visiting us from ohio and we have been out exploring and enjoying our time together.  yesterday we went to living kitchen in southend for a delicious fresh lunch/juices (i could eat here every single day.) and then we got our hair done together at my friend's new hair salon. it's her own space and it is absolutely adorable. she is the sweetest soul and does the best job. if you are in the charlotte area and want the perfect experience, i can't recommend studio b (also in southend) enough. please feel free to message me for more info. that brought us both lots of joy. a fresh hair cut is the best feeling, right? along with the fact that parks was the best behaved little boy for the whole three hours. yay! 

today's prompt for the blogtember challange is to share five things that bring joy to your life 

my faith and my loved ones bring me more joy than anything else; especially motherhood. that is just at the highest level on the face of the earth. however, i wanted to share five other things that i also adore.

+ florals | every saturday morning parks and mr. monaco go out on a little date. they usually go to lowe's or pick up groceries. he baby wears and comes back with a bouquet of baby's breath and a coffee for me. so sweet. i love fresh flowers in our home. trader joe's and the farmer's market have gorgeous and super cheap options that i love. i also love to rock a floral on any piece of clothing. and home decor - don't forget about that. basically, give me all the florals. 

+ white walls | i am all about the new 'white wall movement' that our generation is embracing. it's crisp, clean, and vibrant. i love it. my dream home would be bright white walls everywhere, distressed hardwood floors/some gray-washed floors, white subway tile, black/white tile in the bathrooms and a clawfoot tub- with a large wrap around porch. there is nothing prettier to me than white walls with plants, black and white photos, a few pops of color {think aztec rug} with natural elements {think straw baskets} in a space. 

+ a coffee shop | my ultimate oasis. when i first moved here nine years ago, i went out for cocktails, danced, and met a lot of great people. i had fun. a lot. but i also developed a love for both practicing hot yoga and embracing the coffee shop scene. i would come home from teaching and would grab my yoga mat... rush home for a shower and then off to a local coffee shop for grading, reading, and writing. my love has only grown over the years. it doesn't get much better than a hardback book and a warm latte. 

+ traveling | the one thing in life that i wish i could do more of.... if i had the funds, this is the first thing i would do. i would love to travel to asia, south america, numerous places across the u.s, and more of europe. lots of europe. that's my place. when i travel, i also love to hunt for all of the cute cafes/coffee shops in the city. 

+ december | my absolute favorite month of the year. talk about complete joy- for a whole entire month. the sparkling vintage decor around our home, the snow (growing up in the midwest), the hustle and bustle, the traditions, gatherings with family and friends, the indescribable spirit; it's just so magical. i love to bundle up, wrap presents, give to others, and reminisce/celebrate with loved ones. 

...what about you...
what brings you joy?

ps: speaking of joy - we watched the movie last weekend and i loved it. i thought it was beautifully made and loved the story and soundtrack. thoughts?


  1. So many great ones! I LOVE flowers as well. I try to always have some fresh flowers in our apartment, or atleast some dried babies breath since it holds its shape pretty well! And seriously, if I had all the funds, I would be traveling the world. So many great places to see!!

    1. first of all, i just love your name. it's so beautiful. and thanks so much for all of the love. i love have baby's breath out throughout the week from my boys. :) hope your week is going well!!!

  2. Travel is my favorite :) and even though I don't really like winter, I love December, too because I love all things Christmas :)

    1. :) same!! it's so lovely. winter in the carolinas is very mild so i don't mind it! hope your day is going well

  3. December..yes yes yes. The best month of the year!

  4. I never knew how much I loved flowers until my wedding day when my florist presented me with the most gorgeous bouquet. I try to buy a bouquet here and there to set on my dinning room table.

    1. awe, i love this so special and such a great way to fall in love with florals. my love is so strong. it makes the whole room light up in my opinion. thanks girl


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