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if i could travel anywhere

i hope you had a great week and welcome back to my blogtember challenge. today we were encouraged to share where we would travel to if we could go anywhere. i had the honor of teaching fifth graders in germany + traveling throughout europe ten years ago this fall and would do it all over again tomorrow if i could. however, if i could go anywhere now, i would love to explore, experience and help out in several countries throughout asia. my younger sister, jess, is my inspiration for this; her soul is so vibrant and uplifting. she first traveled to japan in sixth grade and then did 'semester at sea' in college where she explored numerous countries around the world. she took thousands of photos along the way but her photos of places throughout asia have always stood out the most to me. the rich colors, culture and spiritual/humble people- you can see it in their faces. i thought i would share a few of her photos with you today and hope you are also inspired. besides being blessed with your health, a family/good friends... is there anything better than being able to travel the world?

a monk ceremony in maynmar
these boys were only able to see their families once a year- she witnessed the ceremony where they shaved their heads. 
what about you?

... if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?... 

ps: best place i have ever been?
paris ~ paris is always a good idea. 
it's lovely and simply incredible. 
paris, you stole my heart forever. 


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    1. she's so talented! thank you, liane! have a great weekend

  2. Oh I love your photos! What awesome experiences! We've been living in Vienna for the past four years and hope to stay -- it's so lovely here (and central so we can get to pretty much anywhere else in Europe in a considerably short amount of time!).

    1. I have been to Austria- loved it. Thank you so much! These are my sister's :) She had the best time. Europe is my love. I studied/taught in Germany in 2006 and traveled throughout... some of the best days of my life. Loving your blog!!

  3. I have an almost identical photo of little fishing boats that I took in Portugal one summer. There's something so simply beautiful about cute little boats! Love those photos!

    1. I totally agree!!! And perfect for 'little blue sailboat' ... still just the cutest name. Enjoy the beach and hope your day gets better, girl! xo

  4. Oh my goodness this is precious. What beautiful people!