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a 'happy folk' playlist

i have enjoyed getting to know many new bloggers over the course of the initial five days of bailey jean's blogtember challenge. it's been wonderful; so many sweet souls and beautiful spaces. today's prompt is to share a current playlist. lately, i have been exploring spotify... love so much. music is almost always playing in our home and i tend to love acoustic, indie, relaxing music most. however, i am a lover of almost every type.  here is some 'happy folk' i have been enjoying.
sleep on the floor | the lumineers
king of the world | first aid kit
let's be still | the head and the heart 
big jet plane | angus + julie stone
shiver | lucy rose
cinnamon | the long winters
sedona | houndmouth
two weeks | grizzly bear
paper thin | astrid s.
amy | ryan adams 
can't help falling in love | hailey reinhart
what is your favorite type of music? 
...any songs you are loving... 

ps: i am sipping on a sparkling berry sangria herbal tea and it's lovely and so refreshing
thank you, astleigh for the recommendation!