currently {august edition} | olive june

currently {august edition}

hearting | watching parks grow and change {so much lately!} his little personality is developing more and more and it's just the best. he's so sweet, calm, and loves to laugh. he lights up my world every single day. i love him to the moon and stars. 

watching | my husband and i are 'bachelor nation' folks. we love it. it's kind of our 'thing' ... to watch it together; we laugh a lot and totally get sucked into the 'most dramatic seasons ever' as we drink wine and cuddle up on the couch. i absolutely loved jojo but did not love her choice. i was team luke and team robby - what about you? i wish them the best though and hope it works out!

exploring | things for parks and i to do during our days together: library story time, visits to the park, music classes, walks, playdates and mommy & me yoga classes are at the top of the list. 

creating | spotify playlists ... how did it take me this long?  my brother totally got me hooked in june on our family vacation and i love it so much. what's your favorite? i am big into acoustic/folk and am loving lucy rose, the lumineers new cd, anthropologie and starbuck's channels at the moment

eating | my love for smoothie bowls just gets stronger and stronger. i have been using spinach, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, natural peanut butter, vanilla yogurt, ice and then i top the bowl with chia seeds and coconut. 
i am linking up with anne at in residence and dana at something good - thank you both! 
ps: i miss europe and hope to visit again someday. it's just so me. i was so young {23} when i lived over there for a semester in 2006... oh, if only i could do it all over again!! although i loved it, i would really, really take it in now and would appreciate every single second. it remains one of my very favorite parts of my life so far. have you been? and if you could live abroad, where would you live? i think about this sometimes and it is so hard for me to pick... 
what are you currently up to?


  1. We have been loving library story time and Spotify over here too. Thanks for linking up!

  2. I was totally Team Luke too.... I hope he is the next bachelor! Your smoothie bowl of choice sounds amazing! I should definitely start making them at home because I tend to pay $12 a pop for one at my favorite smoothie bowl shop. Too much!

  3. Jordan and I are hoping to travel to Europe in the spring. We went a few years ago but I think I'll appreciate it even more a second time as I'll be a bit more comfortable.