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simply crushing

 hi! hope your week is going well so far! ours has been pretty busy but is going well. we are back from the beach and have a lot of exciting things to share soon- along with a lot of travels coming up. yay! in the mean time, here are some design inspirations that i am currently crushing on. 
this smoothie news will change your life 
the rug, the floors {esp. the floors} the mint bed, the watermelon pillow, the little cutie pie 
swooning over these floral robes 
six steps to a fun, fresh, and functional home office 
crisp, edgy and eclectic 
nine habits that will make you smarter
i have this in blush | pink and love this one, too. and this blog is a fav. 
any current crushes? 
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  1. oh my gosh that snack sounds amazing!

    1. i know, right!! yum. hope you're well, amy! still so excited for you