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life lately

hello tuesday and hello friends! i hope your week is going well so far... 
here is a small snippet of life lately
we are getting ready to head to litchfield beach in south carolina for a week starting this saturday so we have been preparing, cleaning, and organizing for the trip. last friday evening, we decided to take a night to be together as a family of three. we went out for a beer and sushi {buy one roll, get one free}. it started to storm at the restaurant and the power kept going in and out and the sky was ten tints darker surrounding the area we were in. we enjoyed dinner and picked up some rita's italian ice next door as parks flirted with the people around us. if only i had a dollar for every time someone has called him a 'calm baby.' trust me, i am thankful for this every day. when we got back home {and i was excited to watch the gymnastics olympic trials!} the power flickered and then went out... for almost twenty hours. the temperatures were not crazy hot {surprisingly. because it's super hot here in the summer} but it's very interesting how much our priorities change. for the better. i could have cared less about leaving in the morning with a wet head {in my twenties, this probably would have bothered me} and instead, i only cared about having to pump in the car throughout the middle of the night and the hundreds of ounces of breastmilk in our freezer. luckily, the milk was all good. i was so relieved and know things could be so much worse. {it's just the milk. save the milk!!!}
saturday, we took our nephew and his brother out for a belated 'birthday celebration' 
we offered him 'an experience' this year instead of a gift and he took it
he has the sweetest little personality - so cute. 
especially with the baby! 
{even before he was born/in my tummy... he loved on him} 
we went to lunch at chick-fil-a for some happy meals and outdoor play fun 
i enjoyed a vanilla iced coffee - so good there!
then we went bowling
i told them on the way to pick out a 'bowling name' 
they were mighty 09, mario and we were superman and alice in wonderland
next stop- tcby
i prefer frozen yogurt over ice cream actually! you? 
when we got back in the car, he said, 'this was a great day!!' 
mission accomplished. 
i loved spending time with them 
i can't believe this big boy turns half of a year this week 
peonies are my favorite flower for life. 
what's yours? 
these are from the regional farmer's market in charlotte - $10! 
creating parks' baby book one day {and nap} at a time
and it's been exactly one year ago today 
that baby blue balloons came out of a box
as we surrounded ourselves with family and friends
the moment i knew it was a boy, my bond grew even stronger
God knew what he was doing when he gave me a son. 
{to see our gender reveal party- click here}


  1. I love that you took your nephew out for a special birthday date. :-) Oh girl, 20 hours! That is so frustrating. We would lose power a lot growing up but the prolonged outages were never in the summer. It was more because of snow weighing the power lines.

    Are you a big Olympic watcher? I don't know many people who also like to watch the trials.

  2. He is truly so, so cute. I always enjoy the pretty things you post and share, Nelle! Thanks for a bright spot in the Wednesday afternoon! :)

  3. So glad your milk was safe! And I love that you offered him an sweet!

  4. Parks is so adorable and, as always, your posts are so sweet and lovely. I'm glad y'all survived the power outage and so did your milk supply.

    I think my favorite thing about this post is that you offered your nephew a birthday experience rather than a gift. I think this is something my hubby & I need to implement with our soon to be niece or nephew, too.