parks james | five months | olive june

parks james | five months

every month gets sweeter and sweeter. and better and better. 
parks has developed the cutest personality... let's just say that i didn't have to work very hard for these smiles this month! i am trying to savor each and every day and am so glad God chose me to be his mom. 
milestone blanket: batzkids 
who's cute? me. 
bath time is a favorite - every time 
we love to put jams on {loves the 'bare necessities' and 'don't worry, be happy'} and he loves to splash and play with his rubber ducks 

here is a five month update:
almost everything regarding his likes/dislikes, etc. is the same as month four so i thought i would share a little differently this month
milestones |
+ two bottom front teeth! {they popped on june 11 and june 12}
+ so close to rolling over - tear.
+ still sleeps through the night {thank you so much, baby merlin's magic sleepsuit}
+ jumps up and down on my legs without help
+ able to hold toys well
+ holds his own bottle
+ he reognizes his name
+ coos and giggles and talks a lot
+ rolls from front to back {again, so close the other way!}
+ close to sitting up on his own ... the balance gets better every day
+ can give a mean 'high five'
+ loves to swing on his adorable lil swinglets homemade swing outside
+ entered the catholic community on sunday, june 12 {post coming soon!} 
things i want to remember |
+ how you nuzzle into me
+ your sweet smile
+ how you love your little toes
+ how you laugh so hard at every new thing you learn
+ your beautiful baptism
+ how you look up at me
+ the way i feel when we sleep next to one another- so peaceful.
+ your chunky squishy thighs!!! i can't handle it!!!
+ morning snuggles
+ storytime
+ how you love to chill on your boppy lounger while i get ready for the day
+ how talkative you can be and your huge smiles
+ how you love to give 'free hugs!!' 
ways you are like your mom:
- you love blankets
- you love to practice your yoga moves
- you love car rides and walks
- you love baths
- you have fomo
- you love books
- you love a good nap
- you love acoustic/folk music
- sometimes you are introverted and sometimes you are extroverted
- you enjoy target, starbucks, ikea, flea markets, and cafes 
-my sleeping angel boy-

ways you are like your dad:
- you rock an american flag hat well
- you always finish your meal
- the summer heat doesn't seem to bother you
- you love spanish music
- sometimes you like you to sleep late in the morning {yay!}
- you're a little gentleman and are {almost} always well behaved when we are in public
- you love t.v {even though we don't let you watch it}
- you love momma {or at least it seems like you do! and i love you}
ways you are like both of your parents:
- you love to laugh
- you love country music
- you love food {and sleep}
- you love to hold hands
- you appreciate both being out and about {esp. enjoying breweries} and being at home 
sycamore brewing company- may 21
--next week is going to be a big one for parks--
he's going to be with his extended family for a week, will get to see the ocean for the first time, will experience fun in a swimming pool, will get to explore charleston {our favorite southern city/where we got engaged} and will experience solid food for the first time! 
any advice for beachin' with a babe?
here's to another month with parks james! 
we absolutely can't wait for month six 
parks james | one month 
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  1. Happy 5 months Parksie! And you are going to have it made in the shade at the beach with a non-mobile babe! So easy so enjoy it! Once they can sit/are mobile it becomes WAY more challenging...and SANDY!

    1. :) thank you so much! Excited for him to see and hear the waves! also, LOVED the photo you sent me yesterday- thank you! She's so precious! I just love that print!

  2. He is just soooo darling! And how nice that summer heat doesn't bother your guys... they just don't understand melting makeup. Haha!