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mother's day brunch inspirations

studio diy has the tutorial here for making this fabulous banner
this backyard mother's day gathering is incredible - so beautiful. 
my gentle, paternal grandma, leona... she passed when i was four but i remember her very fondly.
wishing i was able to spend more mother's days with her... cherish your time with your loved ones
as we approach mother's day this upcoming weekend... i thought i would share some of my favorite inspirations and ideas with you. on friday, i shared some of my favorite gift ideas. in case you missed, here they are! this week, i also plan to share some kentucky derby inspirations, my may goals, and some of my favorite new spots in charlotte with you. they are awesome. 

show your appreciation and treat your mom with her favorite foods, drinks, and flowers on this special day. {ps: i am all about something simple, too. this is often just as great... however, as a lover of details and doing special things for others, i adore these ideas!}
drink bar fun! 
this mimosa bar is perfect 
here are twenty creative 'bar' ideas for the best ever mother's day from style me pretty living
this is also from lenzo - stunning. 
{those balloons!!}

recipe ideas:
strawberry-brie waffle sandwiches from lemon thee dwelling
this set-up! i love everything. designed by pizzazzerie
i am definitely one for mix-matched pieces of furniture - esp. in the dining room!
the absolute most adorable mother's day backyard tea party from sugar and charm 
{i love, love this blog!!}
love this topper on some waffles - pb teens
i tend to love a simple deli sandwich {from food by dila}
maybe a picnic? 
on these spring days 
another cute idea that never goes out of style... breakfast in bed. 
my sister, dad, and i always loved to do this for my mom. complete with our plastic flower vase from our fisher price kitchen set on the tray! {and then my dad would go out and pick a real one, too!} here is 'a mother's day breakfast in bed' kit from not on the high street 
{this quote reminds me of my funny uncle jay who used to rap at the beach, 'she, she, she got it from her mama!' i miss those beach trips with my mom's family. haha}
here is a photo of him and i in 1985 
when i was home last month, i spent some time looking through old photo albums
i had the baby with me and my parents were gone so i was going pretty quickly 
but something drew me to this photo... as i looked closer, i saw 'carolina' on my hat
i think God as a crazy and cool way of knowing what is best for us in life. 
always a little bit of a 'carolina girl' i guess
{and a forever buckeye!}
lastly, playlists i recommend for a mother's day brunch: 
emiliana torrini
tift merritt 
ruth b. {loving her first hit neverland!}
norah jones
the trampling turtles
billie holiday
the honey trees radio
van morrison 
fleetwood mac
the oh hello's 
what do you remember most about your mom as a child? 
leave your comment and blog url below and i will share later this week! 
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  1. These are all such wonderful ideas! I know any mother would love them!

    1. thank you so much! :) hope you're well, sweet christine