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fifteen smoothie bowl recipes

on mother's day, i discovered my newest food love in greenville, south carolina. my friend, renee, introduced me to a smoothie bowl at southern pressed juicery. it was instant love. i had been wanting to try a bowl for awhile and it was so delicious. just my style and something i would definitely love to incorporate into my daily routine and lifestyle. i would much rather fill my body with one of these over meat/a traditional meal. have you ever had one/made one? here are fifteen inspiration bowls that i would like to try soon. they are all nutritious, colorful, refreshing, and require minimal prep. renee is visiting parks and i next weekend for a 'girls weekend' + baby. mr. monaco will be in philadelphia for a wedding so we are going to hang out, watch chick flicks, make healthy food, and catch up. i am so excited to see her!
mango smoothie bowl | cook with manali 

are you a smoothie bowl lover, too? 
any recipes you enjoy? 
please link or share below
+ i plan to share what we make over our girls weekend together with you all! 
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