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a letter for parks | i hope you...

dear parks,
i promise to always show you how much i love your dad
i hope you love to play outside 
i hope you let go of bitterness; it keeps you from flying 
i hope you can laugh at the small things 
i hope you always hold God's unconditional love in your heart
i hope you know that he sent you, someone so special, for me to take care of 
i hope to always shield you from danger- while also allowing you to experience things on your own 
i hope you have your dad's kindness and smile
i hope you know that it's ok to cry; it represents a warm heart
i hope you give thanks for one thing each day 
i hope you love peanut butter, too 
i hope you learn the power of forgiveness 
i hope you jump in puddles, gaze at rainbows, and stomp on crunchy leaves 
i hope you always love my hugs and kisses {even when it's not cool}
i hope you say 'please' and 'thank you' 
i hope you grow and change; always knowing i am by your side 
i hope you know you can always call on me... especially on dark nights when you hear noises
i hope on hard days, when kids are mean and don't treat you like they should, you can come to me
i hope i can teach you about God and how much he loves and protects you- always. 
i hope you open doors and pull out chairs 
i hope honesty and patience are what you stand by 
i hope to always listen to your thoughts with an open mind 
i hope you always follow your dreams; a fire in your soul for travel and adventure 
i hope you are never afraid to express your creativity
i hope you always have the courage and faith to take risks 
i hope there's always a song in your heart 
i hope you are able to be a big brother and experience the extraordinary bond siblings have 
i hope to be there for you the first time your heart gets broken 
i hope you know i am always up for an ice cream run
i hope you are never afraid to be yourself
i hope you know how wonderful heaven is and how i hope we will be there together, forever. 
i hope you enjoy spending time with your parents as you grow older
i promise to always hold your hand 
i promise to show you how much i love you- always. 
with love, 
- mom
i just love being your mom, my baby boy 

what do you hope your kids always know? 
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  1. This is precious. I always hoped my girls knew how much God loved them, how much their dad and I loved them and through that love to love themselves!

  2. Your blog, posts, words, style and warmth never cease to brighten my day. I only wish we had gotten to spend more time together and build a closer relationship. I love following you and am so glad you are in my life. You are a much needed ray of sunshine.

    1. thank you so much! this meant the world to me. can i ask your last name? i meant to ask in may because this comment was so sweet and i was curious. thank you agian!! xo