parks james | three months | olive june

parks james | three months

baby boy turned three months last friday and has stolen even more of my heart. we made it back from ohio last night after a little adventure. i feel like since parks was born my whole world and all of my priorities have changed. i look at things and the world much differently. small things usually don't way me down or get to me like they used to. i love living in the city {so much} but have realized over the past week just how special the people are where i grew up. i will be sharing details of our trip soon. i think i had a permanent smile on my face all week. i loved that parks could meet his great grandma, aunts, uncles, my cousins, neighbors and my very close friends. it was so special. most of all, my mom and i have bonded so much over this time and our relationship is now so much deeper. on sunday and monday we both had tears in our eyes several times. he is her first grandchild and being over five hundred miles apart is hard for both of us. i had a spontaneous moment yesterday morning around 11am {we were going to be heading to the airport at noon} when i said, 'why don't i just drive you back to charlotte?!" the flight was very reasonable and it got me there  {as my dad said!}  plus, my dad has a golf trip this week and my mom is meeting her friends in lake lure, north carolina next week and they needed a car to get back to cincinnati for the flying pig half marathon next weekend anyway. she smiled, we talked for a bit about the details, she quickly packed... and we were off. my dad was the best supporter ever and said it best, 'this is a special time that only happens once- go for it.' so we did and it was a wonderful day to drive together. the baby was amazing and barely made a sound {besides talking to us and cooing} in the end, i want to look back on this time and remember it happily and hopefully proudly. being apart from my family is harder than ever... but i am thankful that my mom can spend time with us from time to time. i am grateful that mr. monaco is so supportive and am looking forward to another week of memories together. lastly, i am very thankful that my dad always has a way of staying calm and looking at priorities in the most genuine way {time together/family over money/stress} and i hope to do the same someday with my kids. 
clothing size | some 0-3 months but mainly six-nine month clothing
diaper size |  we started cloth diapering at week nine with grovia hybrids and i really love it! it's a lot easier than i thought it would be- definitely a great choice for our family so far. 
nicknames | parksie and boo bear 
health | very grateful that he's been very healthy! 
sleep | the baby merlin magic sleepsuit has been successful so far. he loves to sleep with his hands over his head and when i stand over him in the morning, he always gives me the biggest smile. cutest thing ever. he usually goes to bed around 7-8pm and then wakes up between 6-8am {while getting up once or twice to eat} he always puts himself back to sleep... so grateful for this. 
diet | he is still a great eater! so far just breastmilk for baby boy ... he usually eats about 4-5 oz. at a time but has been taking a little longer than he used to... again, i think his teeth are bothering him and he soothes his gums with the bottle. it just takes a little more patience than it used to.
loves |
his mom {someone is a little attached already!}
his hands
rock n' play
bear lovey
natursutten binky
car rides 
his animal play mat
being worn
sophie the giraffe
teething rings and keys 
dislikes |
+ i think he is starting to get some teeth! { lots of drool, anything in the mouth} and appears to have some discomfort from time to time
+ being overly tired
milestones |
+ his head and neck strength are very strong
+ he talks up a storm!
+ smiles even more
+ he is trying to lift himself up a lot... i see a six-pack coming on! 
things i want to remember |
- how he loves to look at himself in the mirror, especially during bath time 
- the coos and smiles {so many lately!}
- the way he kicks his legs in excitement
- holding hands in the car
- his first easter 
- how he follows me around the room with his eyes 
- rocking him and telling him about all of the things i hope he experiences in life 
- my sister, her husband, and my best friend visiting one weekend 
- his small baby toes - my favorite. 
- the way he smells after a bath 
- our precious time we were able to spend in ohio this past week {can't wait to share!}
so excited to see what month four brings
and savoring every single second of this incredible journey 
{i love it!}
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  1. I love that you were able to do that with your mom! I also love your dad's advice. He's so right, we need to take advantage of every moment we can!

  2. He keeps getting cuter and cuter! These updates always make me smile :)

    Edye //

  3. It's so weird because when Penelope was that little, I was determined that I would soak it ALL up and remember what it felt like. Now she's going to be a year in a week and I look at these pictures and feel like I've forgotten! It's horrible! LOL!! I'm pregnant again (total oops) and I'm due in August and it's a weird feeling. But then I look at my older two (10 and 8) and I am reminded that the time really does fly by and I can't possibly suck it all in like I'd like. Bittersweet.