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weekend snapshots + link love

my dad and sister came to charlotte this weekend to pick my mom up. she has been here for about a month to help us take care of parks while also cooking, organizing, cleaning, doing laundry, running errands, and most importantly, drinking wine and watching downton abbey with us! we are behind i know, but are now on season four and are addicted. i loved our late night chats together- i will remember these moments forever. 
it was my most favorite valentine's day weekend ever so i thought i would share some photos from our weekend together. also, thank you for the love about parks' one month milestone yesterday- i am promising myself to embrace every stage but i loved the newborn stage. 
in honor, check back in later this week for an awesome giveaway!!
on saturday morning we went to luna's living kitchen in the southend area of the city
it is all mostly vegan/raw - so flavorful, healthy, and delicious 
i also had one of their fresh juices and it was aMaZinG. 
{it is known to help with breastfeeding}
that tongue though
and how beautiful is my sister?! 
i had the pad thai and definitely recommend it! 
my mom, sister, and i could spend days shopping together
anthropologie, madewell and nordstrom are our favorites 
there is an antro right next to luna's so we browsed 
i picked up the white top above 
it might just be one of my favorites of all time 
my style and so comfortable 
we also walked around the atherton mill and market 
where i picked up a latte and baked goods and my mom got some fresh bread
then we were off to parks' first brewery, the wooden robot 
first of many
esp. when it gets nicer outside
{70 is the high for this saturday!} 
we enjoyed a flight and my dad surprised my mom with a much deserved one hour massage for later that afternoon- loved her reaction! 
we loved this brewery!! 
the fun atmosphere and brews were awesome
can't wait to come back and sit outside soon 
for dinner we went to nan and byron's 
i had the tacos- which were some of my favorites of all time!
and i love tacos. 
valentine's day morning
my dad and mr. monaco made us breakfast 
he loves his pops
sweet baby kicks 
my mom, sister, parks, and i headed to the mall for a few hours 
he was such a good boy
my sister and i talked and both agreed 
that my mom has never looked so happy
we browsed and he enjoyed his stroller/snuggles with mimi
and then my mom surprised me with my first ever 'real purse' at nordstrom 
a beautiful gray kate spade bag 
{i will post a photo soon- it's so beautiful!}
i could have cried. 
i am not one to want/ask for things like this but she insisted and it meant so much to me. 
she deserves this from me... not the other way around. 
however, i am so, so grateful. 
my sister and i went to whole foods and picked up chocolate covered strawberries, a cheesecake, and a mini key lime pie {my mom's favorite} to surprise her
my dad and mr. monaco were at home drinking bourbon/smoking cigars
while cooking the most delicious steak dinner
so we picked up some goodies for afterwards 
we had a lot of fun at madewell
i loved the employees 
{they- along with my mom and sister- made me feel good about my current body image - which is different but i am ok with it. i was down to my exact pre-pregnancy weight at my two week check-up but things are different and i want to get healthy this spring! being a mom makes me want to be healthy more than ever before...}
i was able to button {this deserves some chamgpage poppin'!!!} and buy two new pairs of jeans 
...first real pair of pants in months...
it just felt really good
after dinner, we played board games while parks slept on me
i can't say enough about the solly baby wrap
i am wearing him right now while he sleeps on me
he is so happy. 
my mom ordered my dad a bonnie + bud gentleman's box 
and he loved it. 
i absolutely adore this company
in case you missed my post, here is more info 
after dinner, i caught my parents slow dancing in the kitchen. 
they did this all the time when i was little
i love their love. 
my sister brought the most thoughtful and beautiful gifts
how cute is that card for parks? 
and the little sleeper with the retro cassettes is the softest piece he owns 
so excited to visit this boutique when i visit cincinnati this spring 
this gift is something i will treasure forever. 
my sister was in the room while i pushed for three hours~ in the most {i can't really explain it} pain. my epidural didn't work and i am still considering a birth story post... but she wrote the most beautiful words and gave me my favorite candle from authro, volcano
the card is rifle paper co {also a fav!}
so thoughtful. 

links i simply love: 

{reminds me of moving to charlotte on my own at 24 and discovering so much about myself!}

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  1. So much to say about this post!
    1. Your weekend looks fabulous!
    2. Your family seems just lovely!
    3. That top from Anthro, yes please!
    4. Baby wearing is the best!
    5. Yay for real jeans and getting them buttoned. I'm too chicken to put mine on/I'm worried they'll rub my c-section scar.
    6. Parks is just the cutest!
    7. The slow dancing in the kitchen = all the heart eyes
    8. I'll stop here :)

    p.s. Thanks for sharing my post!

    1. awe. one of my favorite comments ever. thank you, sweet friend!!! xo
      ps: you are SO welcome.

  2. What a beautiful love-filled weekend.

    That white blouse is so pretty and Anthro is one of my favorite stores to browse too. I wish my entire kitchen was from their catalog!

    What stroller are you using?? Is it the uppababy?

    1. thank you, catherine! it was a fun one for sure! so much love. anthro- the best!!! and i totally agree- the home section is often my favorite part of browsing. and the stroller is a bugaboo {they retail for over $1000} but i found this one on craigslist for $225 and LOVE it. :)

  3. Sounds like it was a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend. What a treasure this family time was after the birth of Parks. I know it will always have a special place in your heart. It's amazing how little ones bring family together in a whole new, sweet way. Thank you for sharing!

    1. they really are! i am so blessed. it was a great one that i will remember forever. hope your week is going well!!

  4. So happy for you-spending time with family is just the best thing ever, especially when there's a little one around. Also-being able to button real pants AND drink beer again-hello, happiness.