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simply love is three years old!

if this blog were a baby {still no sign of baby boy! official due date is tomorrow- thanks for all of the love/checking in/messages} ... it would be headed into its early pre-school years.  yesterday, this blog turned three and today i begin my fourth year as a blogger.  i am sitting here in awe of how much i have learned, the people i have met, the inspirational moments- the journey.  i randomly plopped myself down at my computer and said hello to the unknown faces of the internet on a random winter day.  i never would have imagined the result- it's simply been so wonderful. my life has been changed for the better; as i have shared pieces of my life with you {i look at this blog as a love letter to the people around me} my space, ideas, thoughts, home, pregnancy, creations, and heart. blogging was so unknown to me and yet i took the leap.  i don't do this for the numbers, money, analytics- i do it for the people who have shared that they have been inspired, encouraged, who have prayed for me/with me when i needed it most, who lift me up - you have all helped me grow and have helped me find more of my identify~ always challenging me to become a better person.  and for this, i am very thankful. 

looking forward to many more years and memories shared in this space but
for today, pull up a slab of virtual cake and let's party!

happy third birthday, little blog. and thanks so much for the following, reading, friendships
it means so much. 

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  1. Happy Birthday to your lovely blog! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  2. Happy Birthday to your blog, Nelle! i am so glad I found your space last year. I wish you many more years!

    1. awe, thank you!! i am so glad that to have found your beautiful blog! i really appreciate your kind words! xo