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best of 2015 + oh baby: thirty-nine weeks!

today i am sharing the best of 2015! 
it was an unforgettable and memorable one in so many ways. my family and friends are healthy and that is what matters most. we found out in early may about baby monaco, traveled almost every month, enjoyed making our new house a home, and continued to explore our beautiful city. here is a re-cap of each month 


starting to decorate our home {lots of trips to ikea/paint!}, a trip to raleigh, and the buckeyes win the national championship! 

a fun trip to annapolis, maryland for a wedding and lots of coffee shop time - reading/writing


celebrating st. patty's day uptown with friends, sunny days, and a trip to greenville, south carolina

a girl's wine night, welcoming our new nephew, cameron james, and creating an outdoor living space

finding out about sweet baby, a trip to cincinnati/a night out on ud's campus with my brother, my last cocktail of the year {posted below} and celebrating mother's day for the first time 

a trip to philly, summer days at amelie's, celebrating my thirty-second birthday at kindred, our second wedding anniversary, and telling the world about baby

a trip to my hometown for my cousin's wedding, the country concert, and our gender reveal party
it's a boy!! although i love the idea of a surprise {and might do this in the future} finding out was the best decision for us this time- the minute i saw those blue balloons, i fell so in love and couldn't imagine anything different. i am so excited to have a big brother for our future kids and my bond grew so much stronger the instant i saw blue! 

a trip to the beach, a girl's weekend in greenville, and starting to shop for a boy! 

a trip to ohio for a college friend's wedding, my hometown baby shower, and the bump started to make its appearance just a little more strongly! i am up a total of twenty pounds- and am totally fine with it. i would gain fifty to be able to experience this. 

i loved the book, bringing up bebe, we explored a pumpkin patch, and celebrated baby boy with a storybook baby shower in charlotte

traveled to virginia for a baby shower, savannah for our babymoon, and ohio for thanksgiving {my mom's table was featured on pottery barn's website - from my instagram account- that was exciting!}

lots of baby/birthing classes, fun holiday festivities, a wonderful christmas/new year, a visit from my parents, elfing, and taking our maternity photos {coming soon!}

i am now thirty-nine weeks pregnant! baby boy was sleepy on the ultrasound this morning, but healthy! overall, i feel great!!! i am pain-free in my back and the gout is officially all the way gone- so i can't complain. those were the worst parts of this pregnancy {by far!!}.  i am just blessed, grateful, and so appreciative for the chance to carry a son. there is nothing more amazing than the ability to have this incredible opportunity. i will be forever thankful to God for the chance to do so. at this point, we are playing the waiting game and are just so excited to meet him whenever he decides to come! i feel pretty calm and more and more ready each day.  this week has been full of so much love from loved ones- it's been unbelievable. 
last saturday night was one i think i will always remember as mr. monaco and i watched the final episodes of parenthood {my favorite show of all time- love} *probably not the best idea when pregnant... but we had a lot of intimate conversations about baby and our future life with him. 
{with ice cream and lots of tissues}
ps: i heard this song, my baby by steve martin and edie brickell, on xm- the coffee house channel/my favorite- on my way to our appointment this morning and it simply melted my heart 
i saw it as a sign from above {from our angels that fly among us} letting me know that it's so soon and that it's going to be just amazing. to trust in God and to not be scared. 
"our love was meant to be."
what are you looking forward to most about 2016? 
{i have a feeling my photos will look a lot different when i re-cap 2016 next year- in a good way!}

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  1. Love all of these! I love how gorgeous your pictures are! Those Ohio State gloves are super cute! Go Bucks! PS-I love that you are from the same neck of the woods as me! Happy 2016 doll!

    1. go bucks!! and thank you so much ;) thank you, lexi! happy 2016 to you

  2. Sooo excited for you and Tim! Love and hugs from Birmingham!

  3. awe, thank you so much kelly! i love you - xo

  4. I love your recap, and congrats on your pregnancy! As a doula, I always encourage moms to enjoy those last few weeks/days of your pregnancy, as this is the last time in your life you will be just "you." I hope you have an amazing birth experience!

    1. thank you so much!! and i am trying to soak in these days - so sweet of you! i really appreciate it! hope your week is going well