oh baby | thirty-six weeks | olive june

oh baby | thirty-six weeks

how far along? | 36 weeks 

due date: january 14, 2016
baby's size | baby is the size of a honeydew and is around 4.2-5.8 lbs and 17.2-18.7 inches long 

gender | a baby boy! 

feeling |  i am feeling pretty good this week. i either have a TON of energy {as in cutting myself off at midnight from doing things around the house} or non at all {maybe because i am staying up late often!}? it's hard to make plans because i never know how i will feel at this point. have any of you ever experienced this in the third trimester? also, baby boy has either dropped or he put on some serious weight this week ;) because my belly feels and looks much different? {as in feels twice as big.} i am totally alright with the weight gain though- he's worth it. my toe is still tender from the gout {going on two plus weeks of wobbling around #supercute} but the pain is so much better/def. manageable. i am up about twenty pounds, wedding rings are on, no swelling in my feet, belly button hasn't 'popped' and no stretch marks. all of these things make me very happy. {nothing bringing greater joy than having no back pain- thanks to my heroic chiropractor.} i have been experiencing braxton hicks/heartburn at night but am ok with those two. 
maternity clothes |  yes!! ♥ at the end of the day, gap, old navy, and asos have been my favorite places to shop for clothes. i picked up some things at destination maternity recently {but the prices are incredibly high?} however, i love the items i picked up. 

movement |  he's still sleeping for long spurts and then becoming very active. i feel like because he dropped, the top of my stomach isn't quite as sore {i could barely touch that area before!} he was really high for so long- which is what i think caused this pain. 
toms makes the cutest winter shoes for babies

sleep |  still going well- yay!! definitely not taking this for granted. 

miss anything | being able to move my body regularly ... working out, putting things away, walking normal. just telling myself that it won't last and that i can do it. {something i plan to tell myself a lot over the next few months!!} 
june 29, 2013 

cravings | still citrus, purple grapes, water, pizza, broccoli and cheese rice, smart start cereal 

fun facts | baby is getting closer and closer to being able to breathe on his own, his skin is getting smooth and soft, his kidneys/liver are in working order, and his circulation and immune systems are basically ready to go too. 
we received a few sneak peeks of our maternity photos and are so grateful for our aMaZinG photographer, tiffany of kingston photography
we took them on sunday, december 6 {i was 34 weeks}
*so excited to share more with you soon!
i put up the black and white version on insta
freedom park- charlotte

how's dad? | he's been wonderful again and is getting even more excited... so cute to watch. he went to 'daddy boot camp' last saturday and spent a lot of time with his guy friends last weekend. so glad he could do both before baby arrives! 

best moment of the week|  a student of mine {i teach eighth grade} knitted three BEAUTIFUL bibs for baby boy and filled out the sweetest card- it meant the world to me. so touching. i will cherish them always. secondly, last night we had our annual book club ornament exchange and i had the best time. it was fun to catch up, so many cute ornaments, delicious food and being able to spend time with my friend's twin girls {born last june and adorable.} it's been five years of friendships and i just adore them. lastly, it was nice to wrap up our birthing classes monday evening! some were more helpful than others but i did enjoy them. planning to share some things we learned soon. we also took the hospital tour sunday, which i could have done without {maybe because i have been up there several times to visit friends?} just didn't really walk away learning anything new...

looking forward to | spending the weekend finishing the nursery, going on mini dates with mr. monaco, and finally christmas shopping/wrapping.

hoping to share soon: our maternity photos, babymoon in savannah, the nursery reveal, labor support/essential oils, our hospital bags, thank you cards 
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  1. Well, aren't you a vision of all things darling and beautiful? I love, love, love this post and your lovely perspective on all things baby.

    What a lucky little lamb within you!

    Congratulations and keep shining! You are aglow with love!


  2. The maternity photo is beautiful!! You're getting so close now!

  3. Oh my goodness, your maternity photo is amazing!!!!!

  4. Goodness- what a sweet post. It's great you're feeling well and have so much energy. Your positive spirit is so engaging. I loved reading this post :)

  5. I'm the same way, I either have ALL the energy, or none at all. I wish you could balance it out better!

  6. So sweet! And what a fun way to enjoy Christmas as two soon-to-be-three!

  7. Yay! Your almost there. Are you feeling confident about labour or like me a little terrified? Your maternity photo is beautiful!