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20 christmas date ideas

hope you are having a great week! i can't complain- my pain is now minimal. yay! in fact, i have had tons of energy this week! full force nesting over here. i can't stop. {note: i nest when i am not pregnant! but it's way worse} we have been {incredibly} busy... so i am thinking that this weekend i would simply love to just spend time with mr. monaco. plus, this magical season brings a sentimental feeling-  listening to christmas songs you've grown up with, getting to be with family, replaying traditions, and making special recipes. it's a joyful time of year and even though my head is constantly spinning with things going on {getting ready for my maternity leave at school/baby prep/gifts} i am grateful for time with mr. monaco. so i am feeling some 'mini dates' together would be nice {before the holidays and before baby arrives} i compiled a list of ideas... planning to pick a few  randomly this weekend.

1. bake and decorate cookies- seeing who can come up with the most creative design
2. go on a 'tacky' and beautiful holiday light tour {a polar express drive!}; driving around and looking at neighborhood lights - with holiday tunes blaring
3. go ice-skating
4. go see a christmas play or the nutcracker
5. go to the mall and give one another $10 and 10 minutes to see what you can come up with for the other person
6. make a hot chocolate bar
7. take pictures with santa
8.  spend time watching old home movies of when you were both children at christmas time; warching the magic of christmas in each others eyes when you were young
9. make sugar cookies and watch christmas classics
10. shop for and create a box for operation christmas child
11. read and chat {especially about the new year/hopes & goals} at a local coffee shop
12. go to the grocery store and pick up your favorite canned goods and drop them off at a local food bank
13. make a scavenger hunt around your town/city {i did this last year for mr. monaco- to escape the moving process for an evening- so much fun.}
14. build a snowman {if only we had snow}
15. make breakfast for dinner
16. build a fire and make s'mores
17. go to a wine/beer tasting {not right now for me... but you all should go for me!}
18. take a cooking or dance class together
19. head out to a matinee movie and enjoy a large popcorn/pop together
20. and then we can snuggle. {-buddy the elf}

{hoping to make these within the next week!}

artifact uprising is one of my favorite companies 
especially at christmas time.
everything they do/make- i love
if you are unfamiliar, i recommend checking them out... their cards, hardcover books, calendars
i adore the style of the company. 
i mean, how adorable is this wrapping?! love.
speaking of snuggling. put up your feet and share a blanket while you watch one of your favorite holiday movies. maybe with one of those warm sugar cookies and a mug of hot cocoa. {ps: i am loving my new santa mugs in the top pic- from world market- we had them when i was a little girl, too} from the funny to the heartfelt, there is an endless array of choices. you can never go wrong with frank capra's, it's a wonderful life {one of our favorites to watch together!} 

what are your favorite christmas date ideas?

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  1. Christmas dates are the best! We've been squeezing in as many mini dates as possible!

  2. Oooo I'm curious about those Christmas funfetti Cake Balls...I might have to make them!!! =)

  3. Awww so cute xx I love all of these. Just made some Christmas cookies, but I forgot to use my Christmas cookie cutters, so I'll just have to make another batch and cuddle up with my baby and a Christmas movie later xx haha

  4. Cute ideas! I need a date night with my husband - without the kids!

  5. Oh these are so fun!! Your gift wrapping is adorable! We would love to have you link up with our Alder Collective Link Party: http://www.currentlykelsie.com/2015/12/the-alder-collective-link-party-10.html Merry Christmas!

  6. I'd love for us to take a cooking class, but the closest place is 45 minutes away. Some of those we do regularly. I did get him to sit on Santa's lap. His mom was proud of that one.

  7. My husband is such a grinch when it comes to doing holiday dates, I usually end up doing most of these things by myself or with friends.

  8. My fiancé and I saw the Nutcracker last weekend so I LOVE that idea ;)
    These are all perfect.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  9. I want those cake balls! Yum! Looking at Christmas lights and watching Christmas movies are two of my favorite things this time of year! We still need to go ice skating though.

  10. These ideas are really cute. I'm planning to do quite a few of these with my husband on his winter break.

  11. Oh my goodness, I love these ideas! I can't wait to try some of them! Especially the Hot Chocolate Bar idea. And actually my boyfriend and I went to see the Nutcracker this past weekend! I'm the dancer, he is definitely not...but he enjoyed it because I, the ballet freak, enjoyed it :))

  12. Some great ideas here. We are planning on taking a walk through the neighborhood and look at the lights next week #authenticblogger

  13. This is wonderful! I definitely need to take some time to fully enjoy this holiday season before it is gone! Thanks so much, love your blog:)

  14. I would love to take a dance class, or a picture with Santa (and no kids)

    I would love it if you came to link up at our party tomorrow night:


    It's a link party and pin-up party, two parties in one! All posts will get pinned to our group pinterest board.

  15. These are PERFECT!!! We must have similar date taste because we picked some of the same ones! (I posted 12 dates of Christmas here, if you're up for more!): http://cominguprosestheblog.com/the-12-dates-of-christmas/

    Coming Up Roses