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a grateful heart

my heart is grateful for: 
as i mentioned on my baby update thursday, i have had severe back pain for about a week now {as in not able to move at all without pain going all the way down my left leg/glut/back} it's been debilitating and i can't wait to have my life back. {if it goes away and i can move freely again, i promise i won't complain about any other part of this pregnancy} right now, this pain conquers all. unless i am completely stable like i was for almost all of yesterday, i feel intense pain. i had to give up a lot of fun events yesterday {including an annual winter vintage market that i always go to!} but i know i needed to rest more than anything. with this injury, there are things i am so thankful for... 

- every time i feel him move, i know it's so worth it. 
-  on friday at work, my co-worker, vicky {who is also a dear friend/like a big sister to me} wheeled me down to my classroom {lots of laughs on that ride} she moved my car closer to the front of the building, and filled my gas tank up. so.sweet.
- i went to a specialist on friday afternoon, who spent an hour and a half with me and when i stood up, i was pain-free. some pain has returned {which is normal} but i have a few more treatments with her and feel blessed to have been introduced. this place is so me- essential oils, a nutritionist, massage therapy, pilates, reflexology, chiropractic care, acupuncture- all things i love and believe in. if you live near/in charlotte, i recommend checking out baxter village health center in fort mill, south carolina. it's an incredible place!!
{all due to an instagram post i put up- thank you, social media!}
- i got home from a road trip saturday {i went up to virginia for a friend's baby shower} and mr. monaco had cleaned almost all of our house- melted my heart. 
- ice packs and biofreeze 
-  so many sweet texts, messages, and emails from loved ones. ♥
thank you. 
{please say a few prayers that i get relief and my life back soon- i miss it! 
especially before the holidays ♥ so excited}
what is your heart grateful for this week?
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  1. I'm glad that you were able to get some relief from the doctor, and hope that it continues with the extra treatments. It IS worth it, even tho it's a pain...literally and figuratively haha

  2. What a nice coworker to fill up your tank and wheel you around! You are blessed to have a friend at work who does such things :)

  3. Aren't amazing coworkers just the best?! That was so sweet of her to do all that for you! I'm so sorry you're in so much pain. Victor's cousin is pregnant right now and is having similar back issues (she's due a couple of weeks after you). She's going to get a belly support band to hopefully help take some weight off her back--she's a NICU nurse and works long hours at the hospital. Perhaps something like that could help you, too!

  4. Back pain is the worst...and yes it will be worth it in the end, glad you were able to get some relief!


  5. That sounds like you have a great, thoughtful coworker!! Hoping you can get back to normal soon.

  6. What a wonderful thing your coworker did. You have beautiful photos on your blog. Love the perspective shots.