a grateful heart | olive june

a grateful heart

 this week my heart is grateful for: 
- a bowl of spicy chili on a fall evening
- the show, parenthood {we are now almost half way through the sixth season and i love it so much!}
- the book, bringing up bebe {amazing! more on this soon}
- relief from the excruciating back pain i was experiencing- yay! 
- hugs
- kashi cereal 
- second chances and forgiveness
- one of my main goals at the moment is to take care of myself more {and baby boy!} thanks to my family, husband, and good friends' advice... so a pre-natal massage and pre-natal yoga are both on the agenda this week. 
- bob dylan and van morrison 
- coffee shops at night
- mr. monaco had the day off and did all of the laundry {which was difficult to do when i was immobile with my back and it piled up!} so sweet. 
- strolls through ikea {it's not for everyone but it's for me!!}
- my mind is constantly creating new ideas {and although this can be exhausting} i wouldn't change my creative spirit for anything. 
- the simple fact that my only real purpose is to be. right here, and in the moment. someday my name will fade, but for now, i am awake and alive. i am thankful for that. 
  -a sunday morning scene-
it was a very productive weekend
 but planning out my week over a pumpkin iced coffee and a strawberry donut
a walk through uptown charlotte yesterday- on a mission for fried pickles and football
 when i arrived at the bar, my team- the cincinnati bengals- were losing 24-7 and ended up winning in overtime. super exciting and glad i stopped errands to enjoy some food/games. so fun!!
...what is your heart grateful for this week... 

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  1. I miss Parenthood. I might have to start from the beginning again. I have been making chili too. I have a feeling it'll be made weekly for awhile now.

  2. What a great post! I too have SO much to be thankful for this week.

  3. Absolutely love those pink flowers against the blue. You have inspired me to snap some flowers like that. Thanks!


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