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a grateful heart

 hi! i hope you all had a great weekend. as i mentioned last thursday on my 25 week bumpdate, i was experiencing intense back pain... and that pain continues. i am really not able to move much {without pain going down my right leg} and would love, love my regular life back any day now. teaching with this pain has not been easy at all. however, the back pain + lots of rain this weekend brought some much needed rest and relaxation for baby boy and i. on another note, i am in full nesting mode and want nothing more than to organize, clean, purge... but the pain has forced me to lay low. and i think i need that right now. hopefully your weekend went well! i would love to hear all about it...

this week my heart is grateful for: 

- light gray nail polish
- purple grapes + oranges
- ... and pizza party sunday nights
- college football game days
- documentaries {i watched the drop box film on netflix last night- and recommend!}
- mr. monaco and his dad painted the baby's nursery saturday ... we went with benjamin moore's, gray owl, {lightened fifty percent} and i love it. it's very, very, light {almost white} but yet so serene. we are going for light and airy... and think it's perfect for that look.
- heat and ice pads ♥
- being able to celebrate a friend's upcoming baby this weekend {she lives in cincinnati and i adore her!} we have a lot in common and feel the same way about our families. she lives in ohio and her parents are here- so the opposite of my situation. we are due just ten days apart; both with baby boys. it was so great to catch up and see her. i could chat with her all day...
- pumpkin pancakes {yesterday morning we made pumpkin pancakes from trader joe's- so good. as i enjoyed a pumpkin coffee and a pumpkin candle burning- too much?!}
- tights and boots weather
- the amount of love we keep receiving for baby... there is a box pretty much every day on our front porch and we are so, so grateful for all of the gifts, prayers, and support.
- seeing all of the photos from my hometown oktoberfest this past weekend on social media- so much joy, pride, and fun - i loved looking at all of them.
- browsing ikea
- rainy weekend days spent at home.
- an awesome giveaway coming your way this friday, october 9 {so excited} *one of my very favorite things for baby! yay!!!
...what is your heart grateful for this week... 
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  1. Beautiful photos! I am a little obsessed with gray nail polish as well.


  2. Your photography is beyond gorgeous! I'm thinking I need to try some pumpkin pancakes of my own soon ;)

    The February Fox

  3. I hope delivery comes easy for you. You have a beautiful post coming from a beautiful day.

  4. This is such a sweet post! and the fact that there are more people grateful for things like purple grapes makes my heart warm up, the little things we are grateful are definitely the best ones!

  5. Light gray nailpolish... YES! Couldn't agree more!

  6. What a fabulous list and reminder on being grateful! <3 this!

  7. Such a good reminder that many of the things I'm grateful for are the small things in my life! Thanks!

  8. So sorry you have been in pain! Really hope it gets better for you soon!

  9. Wonderful post <3 Amen to being grateful for the little things!

  10. I try to remind myself of the wonderful little things, but I need to be better. What a great post!
    Morgan | theradwife.blogspot.com

  11. Omg i love your photos. Is that your own journal in the first pic? If not, I'd love to know what that publication is?

  12. I love light gray nail polish. It's definitely one of my go-to favorites.