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my season

i am so excited to be joining a group of amazing bloggers in brave love blog's blog-tember challenge {your posts over the past week have inspired me}! today's prompt is to describe your favorite season and what it shows about who you are. so fun- thank you for hosting. today i am sharing why i love fall so much {note: winter is a very close second- hello coziness, blankets of snow, traditions and lots of gold glitter! and spring wins for it's color scheme...}  

fall love: campfires, apple cider, boots, fun tights, dark nails, pumpkin patches, cinnamon, oktoberfest, crisp leaves, scarves, candles, bowls of chili, snuggly blankets, maple donuts, football, rich smells/tastes, oversized sweaters. this season brings me so much happiness and constant smiles- it brings thankfulness, time with family, cozy atmospheres {coffee dates with loved ones} cooler weather, my favorite types/styles of clothes, beautiful scenery and the perfect temperature for reading a book on a blanket outside.
what about you? what's your favorite season? 
what does that say about you?

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  1. oh goodness, so many fall lovers. I have to agree that there is so much goodness in the fall but I still can't get over summer. I'm so depressed when summer ends lol

    1. :) summer is my least favorite- so good thing you give it lots of love. haha - thanks for the love! have a great evening

  2. Yay for a fellow fall lover! ;)

    I'm participating in the Blogtember Challenge, too, so it's nice to meet you. I blog at Not trying to be all self-promoting or anything... It's just whenever I comment, it keeps linking back to my old Blogger info and I don't use Blogger anymore. Probably TMI... Just didn't want you to come to a dead end if you wanted to stop by my online home for a visit.

    1. thank you! not tmi- i love blogs/finding new blogs and i love yours!! :)