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currently + a mood board

wearing | tights and booties! my excitement is hard to contain. after one of the hottest summers of my life-  it feels so good to be out in beautiful fall weather- with a crisp breeze in the air. yesterday was perfect- it was around 75 and so gorgeous. fall and winter clothes are my favorite and although it's supposed to get close to 90 again this week, i am taking in every second of this current weather.

looking forward to | my new sunday ritual - which is looking like an earlier mass time in uptown- followed by coffee/writing/reading and then a pre-natal yoga class. i thought a lot this weekend and i really need this - so it's going to be a priority of mine for the remainder of this pregnancy. my health {emotional and physical} and baby boy's are my main focus {and this fall is going to be busy, busy} so sunday mornings are going to be baby/mom/dad {church & coffee together with us for mr. monaco} dates.

laughing at | a few of my co-workers make me laugh daily and i am so, so grateful for their company. a good daily laugh is so important.

reading | getting ready to begin the book, the circle maker- given to me by my dear friend, renee. she is spiritual, kind, and lives a genuine life. she doesn't have a mean bone in her body and is always encouraging me to become a better person. she loved this book and bought it for me; i can't wait to read it! it's all about your dreams and biggest fears {i feel like this is the perfect time for me to read this piece!} hoping to make some time before bed/early morning to break down the book and take it in. i decided to cut out all technology in bed... instead, focusing on other things {like reading books!}

listening to | kate walsh pandora radio - a british songwriter/singer from a small fishing town in england. i love her style, voice, and lyrics - i feel like her voice is pure and as gentle as a wind chime. perfect for reading, writing, cleaning, hanging out at home.

writing | i started to document my pregnancy more in baby boy's scrapbook {i finally started this on saturday and got about eighteen pages done!} i am using project life materials and love, love, love how it is turning out!!! do you use project life? i fell in love with this concept from elsie at a beautiful mess and have always wanted to begin the process. it's definitely a work in progress but i really wanted baby to have a keepsake of the time before and after his birth. absolutely loving the whole concept so far. any advice?

encouraged by | all of the people in my life with kind hearts- you make me want to be a better person.

wanting | more maternity clothes. i am running out of options again :(

grateful for | my health. and for the chance to carry a little baby.

   ...what is your heart grateful for this week...

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  1. Your mood boards/collages are always so inspiring, Nelle! (I'm a big fan of Kate Walsh too!)

    1. thank you so much and love her! hope your week is going well. xo